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    • tabikurage tantei nikki
    • kimetsu no yaiba: entertainment district arc

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    • magic in the air, a flower in your care (voiced) ✦
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    • ballad of the dogsledder praying to the northern lights (in-game) ↻ ✦
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mar 31 2021 ∞
jan 23 2022 +

✶ those i hold dear

their presence brought me immense amount of joy in my every waking moment. i'm fond of talking about them whenever my heart wills me to, which is all the time.

    • tsumugi tsukioka
    • yoshihiko aramaki
    • atsushi tamaru

✶ things i enjoy

some treasured little things i like. these made day after day much more bearable to navigate through.

  • a3!
    • winter troupe my beloved. they mean everything to me, especially their sweet, kindhearted leader. i have a deep and lingering attachment towards them, and they make me feel seen and understood. they have b...
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jan 18 2022 +

— how i imagine spending time with them would be.

tsumugi tsukioka

  • tender exchanges. seeing his eyes sparkle at the mention of theater and acting. lighthearted script reading sessions, watching the shift of his expressions at every line he recites. strolling through mankai's garden, where his plants and flowers are blooming. "spending time in nature is good for your health," he says. "i also love looking after them." he'd share tidbits of flower and/or plant knowledge along the way. taking a one-day class of flower arranging together. cafe-hopping; trying out desserts and beverages. listening to each other with a soft jazz music playing in the background. comfortable silences. catching a play on a full-house theater, him being proud of his ability to get tickets. catching plays together becomes a regular thing to do ever since.
mar 29 2021 ∞
apr 4 2021 +

a place where i make note of flower meanings as i learn. inspired by tsumugi's fondness for them.

  • narcissus : good luck and new beginnings. december birth flower.
  • larkspur : ardent and strong bond of love. july birth flower.
  • white hoary stock : compassion, quiet love, contentment
  • kalanchoe : eternal love; "i will keep you safe".
  • aster : faith, patience, "i won't forget you".
  • camellia : desire, devotion, "you are the love of my life".
  • gerbera : admiration, passion, gratefulness. april birth flower.
  • dandelion : perseverance, faithfulness, joy
  • hydrangea : appreciation, heartfelt emotions, honesty
  • carnation : gratitude, luck, fascination
  • tulip : undying love, affection, grace
  • jasmine : modesty, friendliness, simplicity
  • pansy : companionship, affection, positivity
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jan 18 2022 +