• i am dina, 20 years old south-east asian. my pronouns are she/her & i enjoy a plethora of pastimes.

listography is an alternate space to accommodate my flowing thoughts & various interests as well as to keep tracks on my daily life. paper-based journal has never worked on me, making this utilization of cyberspace my umpteenth attempt to stay organized. may this become a step forward to preserve our trees & polar bears.

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apr 10 2021 +
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"It doesn’t matter how old, how many days, hours, or memories, we can fall in love over and over again." — Joy Harjo

  • flexibility
  • writing in general ; writing news and articles, writing essays, writing stories, reviewing materials
  • motion pictures; movies, tv series, documentaries, variety shows, animes
  • reciprocated depth; lengthy & elaborative conversation
  • being listened to and listening to someone thoroughly
  • middle-grade, science fiction, and horror genres in general
  • accomplishing a task, being productive, and being helpful
  • supportive & appreciative energy
  • discovering new interests
  • words of affirmation ; giving & receiving even the simplest affection / recognition / acknowledgement that makes your heart soar
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