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I really love film.
More than I love my honda.

"Trouble is a sieve in which we shift our acquaintances, those that are too big to pass through are our friends." -Arlene Francais

music (punk crushes)
FILMS (hollis movie nights)
  • Graduate New York University with Honors (by May 2008)
  • Either be a producer's assistant or an editor once I graduate
  • Direct my first feature will all the funding I need to make my vision a reality
  • Direct a radiohead video
  • Win the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director (why not throw in Best Screenplay as well)
  • Get accepted in La Sorbonne and get a MA in Photography/Art History
  • Be a well seasoned director/screenwriter
  • Get married
  • Be financially well off where my mother would want for nothing
  • Able to reach out to people through my art, kindness, and generosity
  • to be continued.....
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