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I really love film.
More than I love my honda.

"Trouble is a sieve in which we shift our acquaintances, those that are too big to pass through are our friends." -Arlene Francais

lisa FILMS (hollis movie club)
films (Asian Representation)
  • I miss smelling the lingering smell of fixer on my hands
  • Working on a hard print for hours upon hours and getting the final perfect print
  • Lingering and drooling at all the cool stuff at Looking Glass
  • Manipulations of images that I made
  • Seeing my pictures come out on the film roll after spending hours in the dark, shaking nervously while rolling said roll
  • My teacher complimenting my work
  • The photo community at DVC
  • Alex
  • Chris Marker
  • Tim
  • Listening to music while developing in stop bath
  • Creating something and pushing my creativity at the same time
aug 28 2006 ∞
aug 28 2006 +