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I really love film.
More than I love my honda.

"Trouble is a sieve in which we shift our acquaintances, those that are too big to pass through are our friends." -Arlene Francais

FILMS (hollis movie club)
music (punk crushes)
  • their sense of humor
  • how they gaze into your eyes for a period of time
  • masculine mannerisms
  • how they try to protect you
  • how they say that they "don't care", but secretly seek your approval/opinion/insights
  • how they cradle your body with their arms and hands
  • the cute excuses that they give in order to touch you (i.e. my hand is cold)
  • how some allow a real honesty between the two of you
  • their strength in areas where they need to be strong
  • their consideration
  • appetites
  • facial hair. ('nough said!)
  • try to be great providers
  • heights (him towering me is nice.)
  • Seeing them handle children in an awkward sense ("do I hold her/his head?")
  • how they walk
  • how they makes sure that you know your own worth
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