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  • I am a perfect child of love. I accept my darkness and I accept my light, as I know they are one and the same. I am loved no matter what. My dreams are supported and my fears are vanquished.
  • I have faith in my mother and father sky when I ask from them with the purest of intentions and without hesitation. I receive all their beauty and magic graciously as all my efforts will be rewarded.
  • I am thankful for everything – for beauty, for creativity, for life in all its forms. I am thankful for the obstacles in my path as they make me stronger. I am blessed.
  • I work hard for my dreams, as I know that the best things require the most effort. I go uphill. The climb may at times be difficult, but the view from the top is worth it.
  • I respect myself and every living being. I do not hate, judge or hurt anybody. I understand that the power of my thoughts its limitless, and with that power comes responsibility.
  • I change, as change in my life is as natural as the turning of seasons. Things must die to be born anew. I let go of that which has served its purpose and accept the new without fear.
  • I dream, as anything I can imagine, I can become.
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