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you probably know me as either broblerone or maxizillyon, depending on the webiste

max | 19 | gay | ♂ | wa

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max follows:

in my case, a synpath is just a character i connect/identify with a lot! i don't identify as/kin them. my rule of thumb is that if i were to join a fandom chatroom where people didn't know my name, my synpaths are the characters i'd feel Big Warm Fuzzy Valid feelings about being nicknamed after them/having them associated with me

  • dave strider (homestuck)


  • bro strider (homestuck)
  • nagito komaeda (super danganronpa 2)
  • kokichi ouma (new danganronpa v3)
  • merle highchurch (the adventure zone)
  • beltboy (lisa: the hopeful)
  • sal fisher (sally face)


  • kaworu (neon genesis evangelion)

these characters aren't synpaths, but i relate to their character arcs and see myself in them a lot:

  • hajime hinata (super danganronpa 2)
  • jake english (homestuck)
  • katsuki bakugou (bnha)
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