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  • Spending weekends in Clinton w/Camille and Michelle
  • Parties with Andrew and Skyler
  • Going to haunted house on South Weber Drive with Sky, Kensie, Erica, Logan, and Ash for our 17th birthday
  • Graduating 5.30.08
  • Sleeping over at Chad's after Charli's birthday party
  • Driving around Salt Lake blasting 3Oh!3 w/ Ash and Erica
  • Coffee Break
  • Denny's w/ Kirk, Bret, Ash, Erica, and Mike. Drunk guys hitting on waitress
  • Summer 08 w/ Kirk, Bret, and Mike
  • Spending the night in Murray with Austin and Alex
  • 21st birthday party


  • Road trip 9.22.08-10.18.08
  • Parties at Brennan's house
  • Driving to Whataburger at three in the morning
  • Playing COD with Chris, Nathan, Josh and John
  • Cleaning James' apartment
  • Watching Ellen while everyone was gone


  • Being an extra on Moneyball w/mom
  • Week w/ Ashley
  • Pier 36 w/ Andersen, Ashley and Whitney
  • Lydia's Farewell
  • San Francisco w/ James and Kelly
  • Bad Books/Andy Hull
  • Netflix dates w/ Cam
  • Audio chats w/ Cam
  • Asia SF w/ Ash and aunt Jenn
  • Arcade/photoshoot w/ Rissa & Daniel
  • Game nights w/ the group
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