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  • "Is this a real life pubic hair by my face?" Cameron
  • "Don't run around in a circle or you'll get lost" Nathan
  • "I think I hear your boots clanking (yeah that's my-) What are you wearing, combat boots?!" Cameron
  • "Over My Head by the fray? Oh my god that was my anthem when I was gay" Cameron
  • [mom turns on shower, knob squeeks] "Do you guys own a parakeet? shit." Cameron
  • "I'm appreciating the craft that is Daniel Craig's face." Cameron
  • [looking at this] "what the fuck is suffing?" Cameron
  • "Look, if your car still has a 'Vote For Kennedy' sticker on it, you should not be selling it on Craigslist." Cameron
  • "The circus: where cheerleaders go to die." Frida
  • "Me and my penis are always in sync." Cameron
  • "You made me laugh so hard I farted." Cameron
  • "EW THAT IS GROSS I'M EATING" "You're only eating Craisins, shut up" Cameron
  • [talking about him seeing a professor about getting into a english class] Cam: "maybe I'll go to her office. where's her office where's her office?" Me:"in my vagina" Cam: "sooo... How long have you had an English facility in there?" Cameron
  • [watching Grey's Anatomy] "My friends spend all their time screwing around and getting wasted" Cam" "No.. Your friends spend their time in the hallway playing Magic: The Gathering" Cameron
  • [hearing me watch a youtube video] "Are you watching ghetto girls do makeup tutorials again?" Cameron
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