i’m fragile please please please be kind!!!!!!

not to attention seek, just so You know Me!!

i have.. DID - dissociative identity disorder; i have alters. i talk most about blurry, noah and vienna, they’ll even post sometimes! ! i have about 7 alters currently (as of 190603)

BPD - borderline personality disorder; i’m incredibly unstable. this strains a lot of my relationships and makes it really hard for me to be “normal” per say.. my mood goes up and down when it pleases and it messes with my pre-existing trust issues and makes my insecurities so much worse.

an ED - eating disorder; i go bad lengths to lose weight. i see myself as what i allegedly don’t really look like. i’ve had an eating disorder since i was about 10 or 11, no bueno.

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• koya (BT21) ‼️ • marguerite baker (resident evil 7)‼️ • slenderman (creepypasta) ‼️ • coraline jones (coraline) ‼️ • max caulfield (life is strange) • bird guy (don’t hug me i’m scared) • mia winters (resident evil 7)

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