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In this workshop, I learnt how to Coptic bind. This is beneficial for me, because I will bind my MACHINE STOPS’ book and research document using this method. The method is very complicated, but once you get the hand of this with a lot of practice, then you’ll find it easy. I chose this type of binding, because my book is divided into three sections, PART 1: THE AIR-SHIP, PART 2: THE MENDING APPARATUS and PART 3: THE HOMELESS. I also like the aesthetic of this binding, because of its intersect pretzel knots. I struggled in trying to punch holes right at the centre of the spine of the book, so in the future I should insert the hole with more patience.

EVALUATION I made so many mistakes, I did a lot of testers beforehand but I did not use the exact materials in order to test the methods that I want to use for my ‘MACHINE STOPS’. Visually, the final p...

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gardens / parks

  • mayfield lavender farm
  • kyoto garden
  • sky garden
  • barbican conservatory
  • hampton court palace
  • kensington gardens
  • lavender vauxhall park
  • richmond park
  • Isabella Plantation

beach / cliffs

  • cornwall
  • durdle door
  • st ives
  • 25 Canada Square, London E14 5LQ
  • brunswick london
  • brunei gallery
  • seven sister's cliffs, sussex
  • the pastry parlour
  • maiden lane,camden
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  • “an art of pure geometric form meant to be universally comprehensible regardless of cultural or ethnic origin.”

“Kazimir Malevich sought to cast off conceptions linking humanity to a character in a conclusive narrative called life “ structured cosmic sphere of suprematism”

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  • digital - canon 5d mark 1 + sigma 35mm f1.4 or canon 50mm f1.4
  • film - contax n1 + zeiss 50mm 1.4 (SLR); olympus lt-1 (P&S) + kodak portra 400 or fujifilm superia x-tra 400
  • Canon 5D Mark II, a Ricoh GR, and a Contax T2.
  • Nikon D800 with a 85mm f1.8 lens, 24-70mm
  • (Fujifilm X100)
  • #pentax 67
  • #kodak portra 400
  • contax t3
  • fujifilm x pro1

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  • maldive islands


  • montreal
  • toronto
  • cyprus lake,ontario


  • digital art museum
  • opening ceremony


  • Multnomah Falls | oregon


  • valley of flowers


  • happy pills @ barcelona


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  • i fel as if the intense light that shone for a mere ten or fifteen seconds a day in the bottom of the well, i burned up the very core of my life,until there was nothing left.
  • is to inform that the events i recently told you about were neither a fabrication of mine nor the dubious reminiscences of an old man, but are the complete and solemn truth in every particular. as you know, the war ended a very long time ago, just memory naturally degenerates as the years go by. memories and thoughts age, just as people do. but certain thoughts can never age, and certain memories can never fade.
  • well the events i've been through have been tremendously complicated. all kinds of characters have come on the scene, and strange things have happened one after ano...
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HERDSMAN LAKE PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALA 2006- "The mirroring figures of Maslen and Mehra play a role similar to that of these shadowy figures, even if the reflected segments of nature impart an interior delineation to them and the viewer comes to fantasize real clothing for them, for example the weapons and uniforms of the figures which are ofter thereby made recognizable as soldiers. there is a simple explanation for the reason why human visions reacts in this way. the landscape reflected upon the shape is not considered to be real by the normative criteria stored in our consciousness. it is automatically replaced by an interior structure, which is more appropriate tot he exterior figuration. the human being flows out of his natural limitation, as it were, into these diverse, occasionally magnificent landscapes. the metaphor of a mirror man awakens nothing other than the primal longing to b...

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for 5 nights

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what are memories can we even distinguish the real memories that we envisage and experienced or does our brain only collect memories that we make up through days of our passing lives like a dream; we can’t tell the reality vs dream. are memories even important? the fantasy about falling in love isn’t all grandeur as everyone pictures. this is the same thing with memories; our brain encapsulates every little strong details and events that you experienced in life; positive events where you would want to keep replaying in your mind like a dingy classic film painted in colour or monochrome; some events where you hate to think about all over again but it still creeps on one side of your brain like a latch. Everything around us can be a memory, every second, every minute, every hour, where, when, what and why.

“I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotio...

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  • jan tschichold
  • louise zhang
  • armin hoffman
  • marcus james
  • herbert bayer
  • karl gerstner
  • josef albers
  • barbara kruger
  • bridget riley
  • fraser muggeridge
  • paul sharits
  • vladimir mayakovsky
  • abake
  • hrair sakissian / execution squares
  • glenn ligon
  • robert Rauschenberg
  • richard prince- four cowboys book
  • heather williams
  • saul bass
  • el lissitzky
  • aleksandr rodchenko
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rationale: photos taken by me , add machines on the context, bibliography

I designed this catalogue in a minimalist layout, using a pastel colour scheme to coherently present a light hearted catalogue, one that it doesnt seem to overwhelm the reader. However I overcrowded each lectures with too much text that it becomes hard to digest all of the words in my perspective. I laid all of the text in columns similarly of a newspaper so that it's presented clearly. I relied on the six column grid system so that each page are set out in a coherent layout through out, eitherwise it would have looked messy if there was no grid system. It was really difficult trying to rearrange images and text over and over again till i was satisfied with a precised layout. I did not want the catalogue to be overcrowded with images and I chose images that were of similar form; mostly in landscape form.

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  • nefelibata- cloud walker
  • take camera for tomorrow -cover the lens with cellophane and try to make an effect focus on the idea of claustrophobia and the lights acts as a guidance - sending me to a state of dream and reality. the street is so secluded that it feels so lonely at night, with the main road just seconds away has this huge contrast between two. scan photos > distort the photos and save and bleach photos using the spray in dark room. use the objects for the cover- to show claustrophobia and seclusion.
  • korean
  • i
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  • mirroring footage
  • distortion
  • electrical wiring
  • time
  • life / displacement
  • texture vs light
  • sound

homework: two different split screens of my own personal video, split it more than one giving it different looks. write a sentence or two. to research of two examples of two static images that represent a dialogue and explain why you have chosen them. part print part screen part environment. see how you can visually represent something into scale. also start having ideas of my potential outcome.

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is a typographic journal, that is a compilation of Underworld's 'mmm... Skyscraper, I Love You' song. The song is about a journey through the suburbs of New York, laid out into conversations. The conversations are jam-packed, almost distorted. It could be implied that it is personified to make it seem busy. The genre of the song is almost psychedelic, electronic,unnatural

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korean restaurants

  • haru at new malden
  • korean restaurants
  • cheemc
  • shoryu
  • hanada
  • superstar bbq
  • han new malden
  • seoul bakery
  • little korea
  • kimchee to go
  • kimchi village
  • onthebab
  • assa 5/10 small portions at an expensive price

chinese restaurants


  • misato 8/10 cheap but big portion
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  • Ambrose, G., Harris, P. (2010) Design Thinking. AVA.
  • Baines, P., Dixon, C. (2003) Signs: Lettering in the Built Environment. *London: Laurence King.
  • Baines, P., Haslem, A. (2002) Type and Typography. Laurence King.
  • Baldwin, J., Roberts, L. (2006) Visual Communication.
  • Barthes, R. (1973) Mythologies. New York: Hill and Wang.
  • Berger, J. (1972) Ways of Seeing. London: Penguin Books & video recording DVD BBC series.
  • Berry, J. (2002) Language Culture Type: International type design in the age of the unicode. New York: Graphis.
  • Bierut, M., Heller, S. (Eds). (2002) Looking Closer 1-4: Critical writings on Graphic Design. London: Allworth Press.
  • Bergstrom, B. (2008) Essentials of Visual...
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Words by Stephanie Rosenbaum Klassen Photographs by Hideaki Hamada Styling by Sayuri Sakairi

Ever felt like something just doesn’t belong? The world can occasionally make us feel out of place in our own lives, but sometimes being the odd one out brings more joy than you may think.

When I told my mother I was leaving my pretty Brooklyn apartment to go live in a tent as a farming apprentice in Santa Cruz, I can’t say she was surprised. I was her black sheep daughter after all: the feisty, opinionated youngest of three girls, the adventurer, the wanderer, the one with good stories instead of a mortgage, books instead of babies. Her address book was full of my constantly changing whereabouts—San Francisco, Italy, New York—scratched out in ink, scribbled in pencil, then finally jotted on Post-it notes s...

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  • EXO-K @ airport 21/06/12
  • MBC Concert: EXO-K, 4MINUTE& Norazo 23/06/12
  • ROCK BOTTOM 24/04/16
  • YELOWSMOB (minus groovy room) 03/11/16
  • CRUSH 27/11/16
  • ZION. T 17/02/17
  • ELO & DJ PUMKIN (AOMG) 17/04/17
  • club eskimo
  • daniel caesar
  • dpr (dpr live)
  • hyukoh
  • aomg/h1ghr - sik-k, jay park,hoody,dj wegun
  • daniel caesar
  • grizzly and ampoff
  • honne
  • millic,nello,meco
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Tomato project- steve baker

Tomato project: is a collection of ideas, concepts, memories and personal approaches that artists do, to express their creations. Tomato allows artists to form a framework and structure their work.

The layout of text and image in every page of process; tomato project resonates altogether in harmony.

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WHO IS KAZIMIR MALEVICH The man behind Suprematism Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) was a pioneer of Russian artist. He developed modern art, by completely transforming his experimental paintings from Russian avant-garde to abstract art. He called this abstract art as “Suprematism” and described it as “that end and beginning where sensations uncovered, where art emerges ‘as such’”. But the whole meaning of Suprematism refers to construction of geometric shapes with a sense of spiritual influence. His artistic exploration aspired him to create new elements, new conceptions of reality and modernism. However it does share similarities with constructivism, cubism, futurism and impressionism movements .

The notion of ‘Suprematism’ is treate...

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apr 26 2017 +
  • london
    • st james park,green park blue bridge [cherry blossoms in spring time]
    • hyde park
    • saatchi gallery
    • cos store
    • serpentine gallery @ kensington gardens by selgescano
    • De La Warr Pavilion Marina Bexhill East Sussex TN40 1DP
    • Design Museum Shad Thames London SE1 2YD
    • kensington gardens
    • &other stories in regents park
    • tate modern- 344 bus from elephant and castle
    • vinopolis piazza umbrella borough market
    • barbican centre | moorgate
    • royal academy of arts [ai wei exhibition]
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graphic design tips


  • want
  • get inspired! act on impulses and grow your ideas! put your words to action! don’t sit back and envy others people success! make your own! by erika bowes
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