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Divorced geeky mom * I cook & clean, but not for you * I wear heels and lipstick, but would rather be barefoot & no makeup * My hair is longer than you think * Tequila will make my clothes fall off

Carol follows:
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  • A: Alan; Abe (my dalmatian); avocados
  • B: bonsai; bluebonnets
  • C: curry rice; clean house; cruises; calligraphy; Cool Water (my perfume)
  • D: Didi (my dalmatian); disco music
  • E: eating my favorite foods - shrimp, bacon, and avocado
  • F: flowers; fireworks
  • G: Grace; gardening; gifts
  • H: hugs from friends and loved ones; hot tubs
  • I: ice cream floats
  • J: jacuzzi; Jesus; jewelry
  • K: kissing
  • L: listening to music; lavender
  • M: movies at the theater
  • N: napping; nature
  • O: ocean waves; Ombre Rose (perfume I can't find anymore)
  • P: peacocks; parks near my home; parades
  • Q: quilts on my bed
  • R: reading a good book; rock & roll
  • S: singing Christmas carols; snorkeling; soups
  • T: Thanksgiving dinner with relatives; tequila; tulips; traveling
  • U: undressing
  • V: vacations
  • W: walking in the forest; watching snow fall quietly at night
  • X: ... hmmm... x-rated thoughts? :)
  • Y: yellow egg yolks
  • Z: zoos
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