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Divorced geeky mom * I cook & clean, but not for you * I wear heels and lipstick, but would rather be barefoot & no makeup * My hair is longer than you think * Tequila will make my clothes fall off

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  • i can flip my tongue upside down
  • i don't like going down escalators
  • i eat animal crackers by species
  • i can answer the phone and chat while sleeping
  • my tongue has cracks in it - it's called a fissured tongue
  • i always get the wonky fork at restaurants
  • i have a nervous laugh when people are physically hurt
    • when my kids get their immunizations
    • seeing someone fall and hurt themselves
  • i collect matchbooks
    • they are framed in my dining room
    • they still have the matchsticks inside
  • i don't like green peppers
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