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Divorced geeky mom * I cook & clean, but not for you * I wear heels and lipstick, but would rather be barefoot & no makeup * My hair is longer than you think * Tequila will make my clothes fall off

Carol follows:
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  • build an earth bermed or sheltered home
  • buy a hybrid
  • compost
  • eat at home more
  • eat more raw foods
  • figure out a way to stop all the mailers and ads
    • get rid of my mailbox?
  • get rid of all the food i don't eat/use
    • buy only what i need for the day
  • get rid of most of my stuff
  • no more water bottles
  • plant a vegetable garden
  • ride my bike to work or take the bus
  • shop at local fresh markets
    • make fresh local meals
  • solar water heating
  • use LED lights in the house
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jul 30 2010 +