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Divorced geeky mom * I cook & clean, but not for you * I wear heels and lipstick, but would rather be barefoot & no makeup * My hair is longer than you think * Tequila will make my clothes fall off

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  • doing the zip line in Jamaica
    • and then again in Puerto Vallarta!
  • graduated with a BS degree in Math, Computer Science & System Design
    • I was one of the few females in the program
    • I was originally an accounting major
  • laughed uncontrollably at my aunt's funeral
    • i tried to stop it but it went from a snicker to muffled smile to an all out belly laugh
    • the pastor kept mixing up the sister's names and added some too
  • punched a kid in the face to protect my sister
    • I was a kid at the time
  • received help from someone when i needed it the most
  • ride on rollercoasters
    • I close my eyes through most of the ride
    • I get so scared when I'm waiting in line!
  • skipping a bike ride and snorkeling for the first time when I was angry with a friend
  • telling others about how Jesus came into my life
    • and what a difference He has made
  • telling someone how I feel about them
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