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Divorced geeky mom * I cook & clean, but not for you * I wear heels and lipstick, but would rather be barefoot & no makeup * My hair is longer than you think * Tequila will make my clothes fall off

Carol follows:
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  • complete my family tree
  • count my blessings
  • drink more water
  • get the pachinko machines repaired
  • give away most of my money and possessions to random people
    • pay for someone's utility bills
    • pay for the person behind me at the grocery store
  • give someone else the chance that i didn't get
  • go skinny dipping
  • go to a nudist resort
  • help/watch my kids become independent adults
  • hug everyone i love and tell them what they mean to me
  • learn American Sign Language
  • lose 20 pounds
  • see the Northern Lights
  • shower in a waterfall
  • sleep under the stars
  • snorkel in the Caribbean
  • stop procrastinating
  • take a cruise
  • take a year off
    • spend a month in Italy (a la "The Tuscan Sun")
    • spend a month on a remote island (a la "The Thorn Birds")
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jan 3 2017 +