keep this in mind

  • i'm very fandom heavy, and i like a LOT of different things
  • i will like and rt a lot
  • i tend to follow back if we interact a little, or if we have stuff in common but if i don't it's because a) you're a bot b) i don't feel comfortable or c) we don't have anything in common
  • my twitter can occasionally be nsfw but very very rarely
  • i fangirl, alot
  • i don't intend to upset anyone, if any of my tweets have somehow offended, pls let me know

i won't follow you if:

  • you're any of the following - abusive, racist, homophobic, etc
  • you post tooooo much nsfw stuff
  • we have nothing in common

& the rest

  • i love talking to people and making online friends, if you wish to interact with me or twitter or tumblr, just send me a tweet, reply, or msg me
  • i may not get back to you straight away if i'm busy/ill/something but i eventually always do
  • i have anxiety so sometimes get overwhelmed and go quiet occasionally, if this happens it's not bc i'm upset with you or don't want to talk, i always return eventually :)
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