• "Sleepyhead"- Passion Pit
  • "Strawberry Swing"- Coldplay
  • "What A Wonderful World"- Louis Armstrong
  • "Hey, Jude"- The Beetles (sp?)
  • "Skinny Love"- Bon Iver
  • "Changes"- David Bowie
  • "Lover's Day"- TV On The Radio
  • "Power Doesn't Run On Nothing"- The Thermals
  • "I'll Believe In Anything"- Wolf Parade
  • "Forever Young"- Youth Group
  • "A Milli"- Lil Wayne (For posthumous Lil Wayne biopic starring Emile Hirsch in blackface) ("Groundbreaking! A triumph!"- The New York Times, circa 2020) ("I just want to give it on up to all the shorties still struggling in the projects. Keep rhyming! Also, thank you, Paul {Thomas Anderson}, you've been an amazing director! Also, God."- Emile Hirsch in Academy Award™ acceptance speech, circa 2020)
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