These are all true quotes.

  • "Yo dood, you 69 Maeve?"

"Yaaah dood, you?" "Yuuup. WHAT!? AHH"

  • "So I was fuckin' him up the asshole, right, and I reach around to jerk 'im off and he's got a fuckin' hahd-on! I'm just like, 'What ah you, a fuckin' homo or some shit?' "
  • "Nah, I just came in her eye to get back at her, then I thought we were even."
  • "I don't know, I think ram's blood would be a fine substitute, you couldn't even tell unless you were looking for it."
  • "I mean, he was really hot and whatever, but God, it curved so much to the left, sort of like a crook in it. It was awful, it was like a boomerang."

DHS is an excellent school.

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