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  • Caramel-skinned boys walking onto subway trains with bongos in hand and banging out flapjack beats while the train clatters with each and every turn.
  • Walking down the subway platform, each step deliberate, with two silver-streaked trains zooming past you in opposite directions. The wind slicing and shattering bone all at once, and feeling absolutely infinite here and now.
  • Walking into the organic grocer a few blocks down the street, hands cold and heart heavy, only to hear your favorite song promptly hum from the store's speakers as soon as you enter.
  • Standing in the middle of Bryant Park right after the sun's gone down and feeling so complacent and comfortable that an insatiable urge passes to take off your jacket, throw it in the air, and dart down 5th Ave towards the unknown.
  • Having a clear view of the Empire State Building from your boyfriend's dorm window.
  • Climbing through Brooklyn's cracked streets and house-hunting for the perfect, television brownstone.
  • Having dinner at a nearby vegetarian restaurant with plates of cold sugarcane and vegan voodoo chicken served by starlet hostesses and tiny asian managers alike. Holding hands over the table and talking about what we'll do when we're actually living together. When we're in the same state again.
  • Being able to look out the window into the quiet street with a slowly setting sun, and knowing that it doesn't matter. Because this is my home. This place with it's towering stoops and all-night coffee shops, this place with art students and everymen alike, this place. This is place is where I belong.
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