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  • A house that I can paint pink and white and cover in christmas lights and old movie posters and fluffy costumes and ribbon.
  • A garden that's both pristine and wild - the kind of place that I can run away to whenever I need to think without having to worry about bug bites or noise or prying eyes.
  • Love that's unstoppable, unshakable. The kind of love where every day he'll whisper how he feels when no one else is looking and promise me, honestly and truly, that neither of us will never need anyone else.
  • A city both big and small, suburban and urban, sweet and spicy and full of life and love. I want a place with tiny cafes and oasis's that I can run to when I need to read books and drink coffee and have a place to rest alone, but also somewhere with life and vigor and excitement when I need it
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