• The Last Song: This book had potential to be a good movie, but the screenwriting is too flat and cliche to allow this characters to be any more one dimensional than they already are.
  • People Like Us: This movie is largely forgettable, while still emotional and thought provoking. It does have one funny line that had me almost in tears, but other than that it is strictly a drama. It is predictable, but still likable.
  • The Help: I was very excited for this movie because I loved this book, and I have to say, this movie was worth it. The cast is amazing, and everyone has at least one starring moment. The screenwriting could use a little work, but overall, this is a faithful, heartfelt, and funny adaptation.
  • Pitch Perfect: This is a very quotable movie. It's funny, and an honest representation of college. Anna Kendrick is perfect, and Rebel Wilson is hilarious. Overall, this is a funny movie, and I can see why it will be a cult classic.
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