• paint watermelons
  • get tipsy
  • take pictures - Polaroids and such
  • eat marzipan genitals
  • straighten my stupid hair
  • watch Naisu no mori: The First Contact
  • watch short films - TENTACLES and...i'll have to decide on the other ones
  • snowball fight?
  • make it a two day thing?
  • make it fucking happen. i'm not deleting this list.
jan 2 2009 ∞
jan 17 2009 +
  • music exchange
  • short films
  • guerrilla art
  • pranks
  • date a girl
  • do better in classes
mar 26 2009 ∞
mar 26 2009 +
  • sit on my face and fuck my tongue
  • multiple o's from facesitting
  • wrists and ankles to be tied up so i can spank until r ass is red and fuck when she has absolutely no control
  • bend and over and pull hair and choke and make beg me to fuck harder
  • on top, facing my feet, so i can watch ride my cock and maybe tease ass a little bit
  • on top, facing me, my hands around neck/ hips, pulling up and down on my dick
  • me on top, choke me [if i allow it]
  • me on top, r knees are on shoulders
  • on side, holding ass up so i can eat pussy then fuck and choke and slap r face and ass
  • make get on knees and suck my cock
  • make taste my cum
  • fuck more than once
  • let cut me or cut legs, then make get ...
jan 6 2012 ∞
jan 15 2012 +