• Scribbles and Drawings \♡♡♡\ : fluff, side vhope, soulmates!au
    • prompt: soulmate au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well.
  • bang the doldrums \♡♡\ : fluff, wingman!taehyung
    • “I work at the grocery store and my manager just told me to stock the shelves but i can't reach the top shelf because someone decided they wanted to hide the ladder and i have a really big ego but could you help me?”
  • dear diary, holy crap i think i'm in lov... : pg-13 fluff????, almost crack, college au, angsty?????, side vhope if you squint
    • jungkook's art class is going on a trip for a showcase and asks jimin to house sit; needless to say, jimin sits on more tha...
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  • (your love is such a sugar rush and i ca...: fluff, candy store au, side vhope, littleshit!jungkook
  • Aleatory ch54: Mouth: “Is that all your mouth is good for?” » whiny!yoongi, 530 words, implied \!\



  • You > Car: "I just accidentally hit your car and you look like you’re about to start crying" prompt » fluff, drabble
  • Thumbs Up: ‘you gave me the first thumbs down on m... » fluff, drabble
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  • All them eye Lines (So predictable) \!\\♡... : implied sexual content, makeupartist!yoongi, actor!hoseok , oh and FLUFF • ‘You’re the one person who can do my elaborate stage makeup so every night you spend a half an hour in close proximity to my face and I am distressed’ AU
  • and you did it for me : fluff, convenience store date, comfort/angst? • They're fine. They'll always be fine.
  • (baby you dont have to rush you can leav... : fluff, cute af, implied roommates au idk, short and cute • the aftermath of Yoongi accidentally tripping on someone's feet and falling on Hoseok's lap and them not-so-accidentally making out
  • Bangtan Drabbles ch4: Sul Sul \♡\ : fluff, implied namjin, roommates au, sims au? • prompt: so person a & b r roommates and they play video games and as a joke their friends got them sims and they made a family with all their friends and as a joke get married ironically but then they...
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yoonmin / mini mini couple

  • Like a Butterfly \♡\ : fluff, side vhope, side namjin, soulmates!au
    • Yoongi should really hate the idea of soulmates.
  • (some simple instructions for a good fir... : fluff, coffeeshop au
    • He had four kinds of orders. Not that Yoongi’s been watching or counting or anything. But just so you know, he had four kinds of orders.
  • (Half a Double-Date Or Something Like Th... : fluff, side vhope
    • Double date!!!!!!!!! With!!!!! VHope!!!!!!
  • Untitled.mp3 \♡\ : fluff, college au
    • Jimin doesn't expect being suddenly evicted from his apartment right before his senior year of college. He also doesn't exp...
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