• lee donghyuck x mark lee
    • trying to put it into words ┊ venuscava
        • In his brain, it goes like this: everything Mark just said + them holding hands right now + Mark looking like he wants to jump off a plane + the out of place offense at Donghyuck not taking his offer seriously + him sitting here, with Donghyuck, not even watching the movie that was probably very loudly distracting him from completing his time-sensitive essay = the second epiphany.
        • Donghyuck’s eyes widen. “Oh my god. You’re totally in love with me.”
    • wherever we go ┊ tatoeba
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  • oumi mitsuru x yamada koichi
    • living on ┊ travelingpsycho
        • Ten years later, Mitsuru wakes up in a much happier version of his life, with a happy, healthy, alive Koichi at his side.
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