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☆ Special Fics are fics that hold a special place in my heart, in no particular order.
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  • tim drake/jason todd
    • listen: "i don't wanna hurt you," jason murmurs. "not again and not like this."
    • who needs sleep: tim’s halfway to sleep when he feels the weight of the mattress shift.
    • in every melody and in every little scar...: tim’s brand of assholery is a little bit of the cold shoulder. his other brand of assholery is a little bit of making jason beg.
    • safe with me: the first time tim and jason have sex, tim thinks: this is it. finally. turns out it’s only the beginning.
    • save a horse, ride a jason: tim raises an eyebrow. "you have a broken arm." jason's mouth stretches into a languid grin. "you can ride me, cowboy."
    • get stuffed: leaning down, jason asks in his ear, “is this okay?”
    • not the hurricane: it had been a shit day. a shit day. tim was tired. as he limped back into their apartment, he really hoped jason would be t...
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feb 17 2023 +
  • harry potter/draco malfoy
    • the company of the rose: six years after the war, draco malfoy has been restoring magical estates, while sidestepping his mother’s plots to marry him off and resolutely avoiding his issues.
    • flashback, warm nights: "killing you?” potter asks. “i thought i was the one who’s about to get my torso sliced into?”
    • heartlines: harry never expected he’d end up chipping away at his virginity while wandless and bonded to walfoy in northern europe.
    • midnight in the city of a hundred spires...: harry potter is a missing person. draco malfoy is a vampire.
    • within these walls: there might be something amiss with harry’s house.
    • the best medicine: draco loves potter's laugh. this somehow leads to sex, then discussions of the past, then more sex.
    • friday i'm in...: potter is infuriating and draco is suffer...
mar 11 2019 ∞
mar 19 2023 +
  • steve rogers/james "bucky" barnes
    • all my chances again: steve gets lost in the time matrix, and begs for an out. seems confession is good for the soul—or so he hopes.
    • eagles: “they’ve been together for ninety years, nat,” tony says. “they’re practically married. there’s no room for me.”
    • there's space for you right here: "you're telling me the winter soldier, the world's greatest and deadliest assassin, showed up at your remote cottage in iceland for a booty call?"
    • lighthouse: steve smiles at him and it’s steady and true, guiding him in from the storm.
    • orders came for sailing: bucky drops into the trench. steve is wedged into a sentry stance beneath the earth, on guard and half-awake, when he feels bucky come in like wind.
    • burn your bridges down: even under the ice, steve used to dream a...
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feb 17 2023 +
  • dean winchester/castiel
    • radiance: "you do want that. you acted out for attention. for my attention."
    • that shipwreck of your heart: as dean is thrown into the world of the krushnic mafia, he finds himself getting closer than ever to castiel krushnic himself.
    • love, sex magic: the last thing dean wants to do is fuck this up. and hey, consent is sexy.
    • when i reach for you: “i’m a busy guy. deals to make, souls to collect. you know how it is," dean says. cas works in investment banking. he does not, in fact, know how it is.
    • psalm 40:2: dean meets an angel who says he's from the future. it all gets a lot more complicated from there.
    • and you can use my skin: (non-nsfw) cas comes back. dean can’t stop touching him.
    • handlebars for tender touch: (non-nsfw) dean can’t meet cas’s eyes, so he watches his clasped hands on the ...
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  • 19 DAYS
  • he tian/mo guan shan
  • need the deep end: five times he tian's dick is smacked, in increasing order of intentionality/kinkiness.
    • submission is a gift: (non-nsfw) little mo spends the night.
    • allergy season: (non-nsfw) “you know, they say that sneezing a lot means you’re on someone’s mind.”
    • beings: ‘no, guan shan, that’s—this isn’t yours. did you think that’s what this was?’
    • vulnerability: he tian and guan shan try something new.
  • zhan zheng xi/jian yi
    • i'll keep you safe: an unexpected heat presents itself as the perfect opportunity for zheng xi to real...
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may 20 2023 +
  • shinazugawa sanemi/tomioka giyuu
    • the floating world: tomioka giyuu has spent the last two months undercover in the city of kyoto to investigate suspected demon activity. when his status updates suddenly stop, sanemi is sent to the same city to check on him.
    • soon as the moon hit: giyuu whines and pushes his hips back, greedy, like sanemi isn’t giving it to him good enough.
    • with the taste of you: five times sanemi and giyuu tried to fuck, and one time they finally did.
    • kiss with the tongue: “mmm.” sanemi’s thumbs stroke over his hipbones and giyuu shivers. “you can wait a little, if you want.”
    • breath: tomioka giyuu has an oral fixation. but specifically for only one person.
    • second shot: a glimpse into why sanemi and giyuu can never get enough of each other.
  • kyojuro rengoku/akaza|hakuji
apr 21 2022 ∞
may 20 2023 +
  • eddie kaspbrak/richie tozier
    • the courtship of eddie kaspbrak, executi...: (non-nsfw) two weeks into her new job as Executive Assistant to the world's most anal-retentive, pent-up ball of pure fury, lucy thought she was coming to grips with her boss's particular brand of crazy.
    • good in me: “damn, eds,” richie says, looking closer at the tear. “ass so fat you busted a seam.”
    • drives me wild: "i cannot fucking stand you," eddie's voice is hushed, low and dangerous.
    • keep my arms the rest of the night: this thing between eddie and richie is kind of new and kind of old, and they'll figure it out eventually.
    • an itch you just can't scratch: eddie's got a pretty bad case of beard burn and it's getting to be really distracting at the office. there might only be one way he can fix it.
    • the world is changed: the house on 29 neibolt collapses. and then eddie wakes up.
oct 7 2020 ∞
feb 17 2023 +
  • bakugou katsuki/izuku midoriya
    • dining in: "kacchan," izuku says patiently. "i just squirted on your face. tell me you love me."
    • not so common ground: “oh no, you caught me! i’m secretly a serial killer wanted in every province! i hitchhike and kill all of the nice people who help a poor guy out in his time of need.”
    • rush: (non-nsfw) they don't - they don't do this, they're not together or dating or what the fuck ever.
    • feral: the villain’s quirk sends alphas feral with rut and throws omegas into a feverish heat.
    • fools do as fools love: then they’re eighteen and nineteen respectively, graduated, working, settled down in a shared apartment. and izuku is sent home to undergo his required, long overdue heat.
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may 20 2023 +
  • haitani ran/haitani rindou
    • born to be yours: rindou knows that his friends like to joke about him being oblivious, but he thinks he’s really outdone himself this time.
    • i like the view right now: rindou is a lot of things, and shy is not one of them, so why the hell can’t he just get the goddamn words out of his mouth.
    • i just died in your arms: 'i'll kill you', it says, with a crooked little heart next to it.
    • rotten: rindou isn't a good person, or at least he's pretty sure wanting to fuck your own brother means you can't be one
    • helping hand: ran helps rindou out while they're stuck in juvie, regardless of whether he wants it or not.
    • my blood: (non-nsfw) ran just smiles, that smile that says he knows more than he’s letting on. he usually does. rindou wants to kno...
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apr 23 2023 +
  • richard papen/henry winter
    • epilogue: in essence, henry lived.
    • thousand times i've fallen: henry finds richard at just the right time. what right means for the two of them, neither know.
    • the self is not so weightless: the two times richard helps henry unwind, and the time henry returns the favour (and they unearth their feelings along the way).
    • auto-da-fé: in which richard is left alone with his mind and unconscious henry for a few days.
  • richard papen/francis abernathy
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feb 17 2023 +
  • itadori yuuji/ryoumen sukuna
    • vinegar heart: from the start, yuuji itadori has always been destined for sukuna.
    • cross your heart: in which sukuna requests the company of the newest keeper of his shrine, yuuji, and is instantly entranced by his devotion.
    • dissever: sukuna is reborn. yuuji does his best to cope with that.
    • innate demands: “there are other ways to turn off, as you’d say, that are not sleep.”
    • thorn by thorn: he has hesitated less in life or death situations. curses, he can handle but show him a cunt and he’s left shaking like he might piss himself from fear.
    • bells and showers: the heat of a prime omega was much more violent than the heat of an everyday omega.
    • unspoken affection: yuuji thought himself alone. the curse within him chose to remind him otherwise.
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may 20 2023 +
  • steve harrington/billy hargrove
    • animal in the flesh: when steve finds billy, he is a little less human than before, and a little bit more like an animal.
    • hot like a fever, make you a believer: fresh from the breakup with nancy, steve doesn't go home. instead, he decides to drink his pain away, find a distraction from dwelling on it, and to get back his crown.
    • only thing i'll ever do: “stay there,” billy says tersely. “stay there and shut up.”
    • in your heart, i find my home: it’s been over a month he’s been living with harrington, three since he’s been back and four since he died.
    • made monstrous: season 3 starts when the fight at byers house ends, fresh bruises and all, no break, and with new monsters.
    • a love thing: even five months after recovering from his injuries, billy still has residual effects from the mindflayer.
nov 5 2019 ∞
feb 17 2023 +
  • geralt of rivia/jaskier
    • glow: given his usual choice of partners, jaskier doesn't really get to enjoy the afterglow with them. geralt pretends he doesn't enjoy the benefits of this.
    • febrile: he is in love. he is in love. oh, he is in love in the way poets are in love — wholly, stupidly, all-consumingly, like a hunger that rises in him every time that damnable man lets a fraction of a smile past his mouth.
    • bundle: (non-nsfw) jaskier is settling into kaer morhen, but he has a persistent problem: he's freezing in his room at night. unfortunately, he's also terrified of fire.
    • stee(re)d: (non-nsfw) there's a reason mares lead herds.
    • well-rounded: (non-nsfw) geralt is the exact opposite of an open book. luckily, his eyes say plenty.
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apr 23 2023 +
  • special fics
    • azoth: (harry potter/draco malfoy) harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with malfoy to care.
    • so says the sword: (dean winchester/castiel) the briefing was simple: ‘stand guard over the michael sword until the battle is ready to commence. await further instructions.’
    • black sun: (ryan bergara/shane madej) ryan bergara and shane madej of the preternatural investigations unit of the LAPD must solve a string of demon murders before the killer can enact their mysterious plan.
    • ni deux, ni trois, ni quatre, ni mille: (ootori kyouya/suoh tamaki) kyouya and tamaki say it. paris eavesdrops.
    • midnight in the city of a hundred spires...: harry potter is a missing person. draco malfoy is a vampire.
    • in petersburg: (jean kirstein/eren yeager) ‘we aren’t strangers, though,’ jean says, and eren feels that breath-catching-heart-shoo...
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