• lonely enough to love
  • record of youth


  • leverage (tv chosun, 16 episodes) ★★★
  • chicago typewriter (tvn, 16 episodes) ★★★★★
  • when the camellia blooms (kbs, 20 episodes) ★★★★★
  • the fiery priest (sbs, 20 episodes) ★★★
  • next in fashion (netflix, 10 episodes) ★★★
  • crash landing on you (tvn, 16 episodes) ★
  • the sound of your heart (kbs, 20 episodes) ★★★★
  • be melodramatic (jtbc, 16 episodes) ★★★★★
jan 3 2020 ∞
sep 21 2020 +


  • i want to ask him: am i the ocean? are you drowning in everything i don’t say when i’m awake? x
  • if i live anywhere in his body, i live in his lungs x
  • even for a moment, you'd let your flaws meet mine, so they would intertwine and create something flawless x
  • you were my roaring orchestra. i was the background music x
  • i was satisfied with haiku until i met you x
  • i will gladly take on your ocean, just to swim beneath you x
  • there are days when i feel beautiful like solar flares and days where you eclipse my heat like moons x
  • i want to be simple with you. and i want to be whatever you need me to be x
  • the truth is this: my love for you is the...x
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