• A becomes mad at B and runs off in the middle of a night to their favorite diner. they call for the usual, and the waitress scolds them for forgetting their wallet at home. all of a sudden B comes in, out of breath, having running for so long to catch up, and slides smoothly next to A, pulling their wallet out of their coat and saying "Hey, you left your wallet." A smirks and says "y'know, it would have been more impressive if you brought your own." B pulls their own wallet out of their coat. "Hmm...i suppose this one's on me?"
  • A and B have an argument and A walks out of their room. A remembers something else and walks into B's room saying "ONE MORE THING" before realizing that the assassin enemy has come to kidnap B. awkwardness ensues.
  • There is one piece of chocolate remaining. A's favorite. A: "Hey, B, you take this one" B: "What, no! But you like that one!" A: "Well, I like you more" Wow A. Way to make this awkward. (SIYAO HELPED IMPORVE!!)
  • The line to the newest, bestest pastry shop in the city stretches around the corner and goes on for a couple blocks. Person A, a half dead university student who has just completed exams has succeeded in snatching the last of the revered Cronut, and runs down the line marathon style high fiving. B does not understand the concept of a high five, thinking you're suppose to hold on a little bit before letting go, and this, coupled with A's high speed and, results in A falling down fast on the hard pavement, pastries everywhere, creme on A's face. B: "OH NO! I'm so sorry!!" A: "It's ok. I have one good one left, and I'm willing to eat all of these off the ground." B looks at the zombified, desperate university student whose nose was beginning to bleed, who was willing to eat pastries off the pigeon-shit NYC ground, and whose eye bags rivaled those of Mr. Dominque "wakes up at 3:30 AM" Ansel himself, A on the verge of tears and hysterical laughter and quickly said: "Oh please...don't do that..here, let me buy you some to make up for it!" The next few hours are spent chatting in line, smearing pastry creme on each others faces and waiting for the lovemaker Dominique Ansel to bring out the next batch.
  • B is a 16 year old loner. B's 18 year old sister is worried about them not having any friends,so she goes up to A, a popular kid at school and tells them to befriend B. A is shocked, sputtering "your sibling???aren't they like...8 years old" B's sister is lost for words "what...no i have another one in the same grade as you" A raises an eyebrow- "oh, THAT'S your sibling?"
  • CREEPYPASTA EDITION: There are three friends, A, B, and C. C is the protagonist. B has to assassinate A, and the protagonist can't tell A this because all of them are friends. B drives a white car. A says "I'm being followed by this car! I'm kind of nervous" You reassure them saying "I'm sure it's fine, just take some backstreets to lose the tail" 'knowing' that it is B. You later learn that B was late for practice today. The person driving the car went to B's houses, killed them when they got home,stole their car, and killed A. A note on the car says "thanks for the tip, PROTAGONIST'S NAME" with a picture showing that C was A's target, and implying C is being hunted next
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