• A becomes mad at B and runs off in the middle of a night to their favorite diner. they call for the usual, and the waitress scolds them for forgetting their wallet at home. all of a sudden B comes in, out of breath, having running for so long to catch up, and slides smoothly next to A, pulling their wallet out of their coat and saying "Hey, you left your wallet." A smirks and says "y'know, it would have been more impressive if you brought your own." B pulls their own wallet out of their coat. "Hmm...i suppose this one's on me?"
  • A and B have an argument and A walks out of their room. A remembers something else and walks into B's room saying "ONE MORE THING" before realizing that the assassin enemy has come to kidnap B. awkwardness ensues.
  • There is one piece of chocolate remaining...
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  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer
  • red blood cells come from blood marrow
  • telomeres
  • honeybees- haploid and diploid
  • (0,1) and [0, 1] are infinites
  • infinities within infinity
  • socialist background of the pledge
  • the investiture conflict
  • landing of aircraft carriers/kevlar
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Art Supplies/Hobbies

  • loom and yarn
  • drum kit
  • acrylics



  • Black non-skinny jeans
  • short parka
  • solid color quarter socks
  • Black loafers
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