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  • he/him, cis, bi
  • very tall, very strong
  • sounds like he knows what hes doing
  • dresses like he knows where hes going
  • thinks he is invincible. he is not.
  • plays guitar + knows a little piano from carmine
    • (he's a quick learner)


  • he's always looking for ways to get ahead, and is rather selfish
  • he isn't nasty on purpose, but he is impulsive and doesn't watch what he says.
  • not nihilistic, but hopes for the best and plans for the worst
    • it's gotten him this far
  • levi is quick tempered, too. but he cares
  • it probably comes as no surprise that he enjoys drugs, alcohol and women
    • slow rise to fame and suddenly having so much power obviously makes his selfishness worsen, along with his impatience.


  • he was never interested in keeping in contact with his family, and doesn't mention them often.
    • they are inconsequential, and in his mind, he's already stepped all over them.
  • carmine is someone who'd stuck by him and he had stuck by for a very long time. at a certain point, they were more of a unit than not.
  • they're protective of the other, each in their own way.
  • it's very simple opposites attract. he knows other people, and is friendly with most of them, but carmine is much more like an older brother than anything else.
  • the changes they go through as they climb the ranks together slowly become very hard to watch on both sides.
  • levi would like to say that their split was just collateral damage. an occupational hazard, unavoidable.
  • neither know which happened first- carmine's knife or levi's bullet.
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