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  • jim henson-era muppets (1950-1990) (esp. fraggle rock, esp. episodes w/ the minstrels)
  • music from the 70s (esp. pink floyd & jimi hendrix)
  • demon-/angelology + study of abrahamic religion
  • boho aesthetics
  • cool words + how to make them
  • color psychology
  • study of the paranormal
  • rocks and minerals + the science behind em
  • graphic/character design
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feb 10 2019 +
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  • cantus the minstrel (fraggle rock) m
  • pink floyd (the wall) m ⍟✦


  • the roman empire (axis powers hetalia) m ⍟✦
  • sergeant floyd pepper (the muppet show 1976) m


  • discord (my little pony: friendship is magic) m
  • t. matthew fraggle (fraggle rock) m
  • the russian federation (axis powers hetalia) m ⍟✦
  • jasper (steven universe) m ✦?
  • sgt. pepper's trumpeter (the beatles' yellow submarine) m
  • harvey "two-face" dent (dc) m
  • the skywatcher (cirque du soleil - varekai) m
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nov 9 2019 +
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  • deviantart - @theawesomemoomoo
  • tumblr
    • @kaiopsiavian (main)
    • @hippie-kin (kin blog, others linked)
    • @fizzy-spill (art blog)
    • @sidebloggom (general fraggleposting)
    • @fioydian (music sideblog)
  • youtube - /theawesomemoomoo
  • twitter - @kalopsiavian
  • pinterest - /kalopsiavian
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may 11 2019 +
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  • azrael (call me ciel!)
  • transmasc nb, he/hy/ey
  • 17
  • jan 12
  • cap sun, cap moon, scorp rising
  • bisexual, Reserved
  • infp (the mediator)
  • laveyan satanist, eclectic witch kinda
  • minnesota (cst)
  • white, able-bodied, absolutely mentally FUCKT
  • self-proclaimed hippie
  • not a stoner (i swear)
  • currently shifting two-face
  • i have 11 muppet kins and if i never get put on a cringe blog for it i’ll be disappointed
  • also i'm constantly qkinning like 2483785758348 different entities. sorry for the long list lmao
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dec 4 2019 +
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im not quite sure what's up but hey let's see if we can figure it out

  • i absolutely have some sort of seasonal depression but i don’t know what besides that
  • auditory processing trouble - can hear, can't understand
  • executive dysfunction (im powered by fear of failure lol)
  • absolute GARBO memory
  • special interests!! (i apologize for using this term if it turns out i’m not autistic)
  • possibly adhd? possibly autistic? i dont know
  • there sure as hell is Something though!
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dec 10 2018 +
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  • i have apd! sorry if i ask "what?" a lot on voice calls im not ignoring you i promise...
  • i'm also awful at detecting tone. if i ask, please don't feel bad.
  • i'm sorry if i pester you! i like to talk to people hghghgh...
  • i talk about my interests a lot. please don't be afraid to interrupt me or call me out for interrupting you.
  • you might not want to follow me if puppets freak you out gghggnh
  • please keep in mind that i am a minor! don't send me porn and stuff, that's real creepy!
  • i swear a lot! i'll try to manage this if you ask but it might not work too well...
  • all my art is free to be tagged as kin unless stated otherwise!
apr 29 2018 ∞
aug 11 2019 +
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  • you are under 15/over 25 unless i know you
  • are a double of my kins with a ⍟ by their names (i’ll most likely be okay with it, but please don’t push the fact. you can ask what i mean by that, it’s alright!)
  • we know each other irl in any capacity
  • you post a bunch of gore (i just want to know for my own safety)
aug 13 2018 ∞
aug 26 2018 +
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  • racist, homophobic, transphobic, just basic dnfi criteria
  • often post abt fetish, especially the one in dislikes
  • ship abusive/incestuous/etc relationships OR real people
  • are a self-proclaimed "fujoshi" or similar
  • dislike/will call me cringy for my bolded interests
  • are anti-kin
  • are a double specifically of cantus and/or rome (sorry,,) (all others ok!)
  • you think he/him lesbians are not valid

working on these is a different story. everyone changes, and having been one of these things in the past won't affect my opinion of you - as long as you're, again, working on it

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oct 7 2018 +
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  • "cursed images" of some weird thing in a dark environment
  • primitive medicine + surgical procedures (things like using morphine or improper tools)
  • extensive talk of internal injuries (things like broken bones or ruptured things)
  • mentions + the act of tickling, esp. when in the context of a fetish (don't touch me with this with a ten foot pole.)
  • the feeling of being watched
  • things that happen below the skin (injections, splinters, etc)
  • shock humor + plotless jumpscare horror
apr 2 2018 ∞
apr 28 2018 +
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  • witchcraft (things like pendulums, tarot, etc)
  • yokai
  • crystals + their meanings
  • flower language + uses
  • non-mainstream instruments (jaw harps + etc.)
  • general psychology, esp. relating to dreams + motive in crime
  • true crime in general (again, psych aspect)
  • color theory
  • the ukulele
  • voodoo (not practicing, i just want to know more!)
apr 2 2018 ∞
jan 5 2019 +
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  • "the fact that you said you don't 'do weed' makes it VERY CLEAR that you are not a stoner" - max
  • "it sokay your Still CAntu s in my herat and ni lvoe you" - sapph, drunk off her ass
  • "i think you are soft and kind" - ciry
  • "you're my favorite lesbian" - my sister
  • "you look just like your art of (cantus) btw like HEWWO?" - my other friend max
  • "sofi you’re going to die early" - ciry again, somehow
apr 29 2018 ∞
sep 7 2018 +