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  • "Highly Questionable."
    • Most commonly referring to an individual, similar to one you may see in a photo on the Awkward Family Photos website. Also often used to describe a situation.
  • "Janky."
    • (comparative jankier, superlative jankiest)
    • (slang) of poor quality; untrustworthy
    • i.e. After taking my poorly designed World History midterm, I commented "Man, that test was __janky!__"
  • "...Or whatever"
    • For example, I'll say something to the effect of "I was eating a grilled cheese, or whatever and..." I never notice that i am doing this but, Sam always reminds me and we have discussed the hilarity that exists in the concept of the "whatever." If I was eating a grilled cheese, shouldn't that be the end of the tale? What does the "whatever" imply? Is there more information I'm not disclosing?
      • I have to admit, my ignorance is showing here and I wasn't sure whether to use affect or effect. Anybody know?
  • Curse words, a habit I'd like to rid myself of. Usually, this is where my Boston accent likes to rear its ugly head.
  • "Like."
    • This only happens, for some reason, when I am around other people who say like a lot. Otherwise, I try to avoid using it as a conversation filler.
  • Calling things/situations/people "Quality."
    • I told SimonnĂ© she was "High quality" on her birthday card, pictured here.
  • "Beverage"
    • i.e. "I'm thirsty. May i have a beverage?" as opposed to "May I have a drink." I think of the latter as asking for something alcoholic which is why I elect to use beverage so that there is no confusion as to the style of liquid I am looking for.
  • "Majestic"
    • Typically used to describe animals, epic sweaters and more recently a customized Boston College beer pong table.
  • "Silly"
    • An overly tossed around descriptive word
  • "Hot Second/Minute"
    • i.e. "I'll be there in a hot second," or "Just give me, like, a hot minute and I'll be ready."
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