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  • Straight
    • Such a nose has basically no curvature or any form of depression in the center and usually has a pointed tip. Straight noses are also known as the Greek nose. Straight noses generally have narrow nostrils and are considered to be very appealing! People with straight noses are considered to be very clever and helpful in nature.
  • Small
    • Small noses as the name suggests are smaller in length and are generally with an upturned tip. Small noses with upturned tips are also called snub noses. The tip in this case is neither flat nor round. The blunt, upturned tip gives an impression of a snobbish behavior. A person with a small nose is considered to be mischievous and shrewd.
  • Hooked
    • A hooked nose is easy to spot. It is also called as a hawk nose. This is because such noses are thin with sharp contours and a bend in the middle. The profile view of such a nose resembles a hawk’s beak. A person with a hooked nose is considered to be clever and good-natured.
  • Aquiline
    • An aquiline nose refers to noses that have a prominent bridge. The bridge is either curved or bent. This nose is also known as the Roman nose and appears like a hook because of the bridge of the nose. People with an aquiline nose are said to be very headstrong and ambitious in nature.
  • Wavy
    • A wavy nose can be noticed because it has a typical bump at the tip of the nose. These noses therefore appear larger at the tip. People with wavy noses are considered to be very fun-loving in nature.
  • Big
    • Big noses can have short or long bridge for the nose. These noses have wider tips with larger nostrils. People with big noses are generally dominating. They love to lead rather than follow.
  • Flat
    • A flat nose has wide and flared nostrils. These noses may have a short bridge. A flat nose does not have sharp contours. People with flat noses are said to be helpful in nature and sometimes, a little hot-tempered.

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