• I can never be alone. I would have to rent a hotel room to do that and I don't have money for that.
  • Associated, the lousy excuse for a super market where I have to buy all my food, always smells funny in the back by the Lunchables and their produce is awful.
  • There are no forests.
  • I don't have my car, another reason I can never be alone.
  • Most of my friends don't live there.
  • I don't have real doors for my bedroom, just curtains. Just because the doors aren't solid doesn't mean my room is open for people to come in to all the time.
  • My family is far away. So is my cat.
  • Hobos.
  • Nothing there is meaningful to me. I have no memories there.
  • Everything is more expensive.
  • My dorm room floor is linoleum.
  • Someone in the mailroom stole the birthday card my parents sent me.
  • Art school kids tend to be douche bags.
  • Too much drama that I don't have energy for anymore.
  • It makes me want to die.
  • Even though I know it isn't the case, all the concrete makes the winter feel colder.
jan 12 2010 ∞
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