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  • Naomi, Stacey, Katie and the whole gang from all the flats
  • Stacey's love of all things hip-hop
  • Ranting secretly/publicly
  • Such good jokes
  • "Going 'round" to see what people are doing
  • BBQs/roasts/feasts at the boys' flat
  • Warehouse parties
  • Hanging on the roof in the sun and getting the train driver to honk
  • The constantly changing set-up of the living room space
  • The teepee
  • Corner shop guy
  • That dog from next door
  • Height charts
  • Access to wacky, awesome coats/sweaters
  • Youtube marathons
    • Dancehall Tourist, Man vs. Flip Flop, etc.
  • Hearing the door open and getting a "Holla"
  • Seriously, everything...
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jun 8 2011 +