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  • "I dream we're all invisible, living separate lives / The lonely live by ritual, a sequent suicide / Yeah, I know, this cadence is our fate / Awaken and sedate, suppress and medicate" - Day Residue, Jeremy Larson
  • "I think I will explode / If they say / I must stay / Where I’m told / “Why don’t you stay behind / the lines that we have drawn?” // Because all my life I’ve gone / Right where they said wrong // But if you talk like they do / You’ll be okay / And if you walk like they do / There will be no shame / Oh man I’m living in Rome / And it does not feel like home / Don’t wanna do as the Romans do / Don’t wanna be like you" – Dozens Of Us (Dozens!), Weaver At The Loom
  • "There's an albatross around your neck / All the things you've said / and the things you've done / Can you carry it with no regrets / Can you stand the person you've become / Oh there's a light, oh, there's a light // Your albatross, let it go, let it go / Your albatross, shoot it down, shoot it down / When you just can't shake / The heavy weight of living // Stepping forward out into the day / Shrugging off the dust and memory / Though it's soaring still above your head / It is out of sight and none shall see / Oh, there's a light, oh, there's a light" – Weight Of Living , Pt. I, Bastille
  • "How do you decide / when to know or how to wonder / or how to just get free?" – Child, LIGHTS
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