• i am super lazy. i will never want to clean or do anything a normal person would do.
  • i am super sensitive/emotional. whatever you say to me, i will take to heart. beware
  • i'm boring. i rather stay home with you then go out with friends and party. i'm simple minded.
  • i want you to remember everything, i want you to be super sweet. i want you to do special things for me.
  • i change my mind a lot, i told that to my uncle once, he said "of course, you're a girl"
  • i'm kinda stupid at times, ditzy. you'll have to explain stuff to me.
  • if i ask you to do something, i'll keep asking until you do it or shut me up LOL
  • i want you to tell people about me! friends/family. i want people to know we're an item
jul 27 2010 ∞
aug 23 2018 +