• name: lee jieun
  • status: leader of tenebrous
  • d.o.b: 051693
  • height: 163cm
  • blood type: A
  • ability: fear amplication
  • hometown: seoul, south korea
  • sexuality: pansexual
  • likes: dark magic, her friends, love, cats
  • dislikes: the passing of time, close minded people
jun 9 2018 ∞
nov 7 2018 +

Jieun grew up in the wide city of Seoul, never really understanding why her mother kept the "pretty books with the weird looking stars" always out of reach from her tiny hands. All she knew was the hushed whispers of witchcraft and the ominous title of future leader placed upon her shoulders ever since she was born. The girl was aware she was expected to study, but study what exactly? That, she didn't know. Her knowledge of witchcraft was kept limited by her mother, the coven of Tenebrous' leader. Her mother had made it very clear, that until Jieun's ability made itself visible; Jieun would know nothing about dark Wiccan arts. Things changed drastically at the age of nine, when her ability became known.

Jieun remembers the first time she felt the trembling gaze of someone's fear and pain, she remembers that she was the sole reasoning behind it. She remembers hearin...

jun 9 2018 ∞
nov 9 2018 +
  • Jieun isn't usually the type to be intimidated, but you're new to the coven and for some reason she just can't seem to look you in the eye. She's telling herself it's because she's not too fond of you, but everyone knows it's the opposite. One day she runs directly into you, lets out a squeak, and immediately runs away. You decided to finally figure out just what her problem is. After all, it's a little odd to see the leader of tenebrous in such a state of shyness. (sfw)


  • It's 2am and Jieun just can't seem to sleep at all. Wandering the halls isn't something that sounds like much fun and honestly, she never was one for soft late night conversations. So why is she here knocking at your door? Maybe she just enjoys your company, maybe she needs something el...
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