• I am the polar opposite of clingy, I should probably be a happy medium.
  • I am confrontational and probably neurotic
  • I talk waaayyy too much
  • I am moody and don't explain why
  • I am opinionated to the max
  • I wouldn't sit with my boyfriend at lunch (chicks before dicks)
  • I am really busy and would have to penicl a boyfriend into my schedule
  • I'd probably make him carry my stuff everywhere but get really pissed if he tried to pull out my chair for me
  • I get pissed when people compilment me
  • I don't understand football, baseball or basketball nor do I enjoy watching them or going to games
  • I can't cook at all
  • I'm rather self-conscious
  • I almost never answer my phone and never call back
  • I never ask the right questions
aug 28 2010 ∞
jul 13 2012 +