I want to see if I remember all of them

  • 1st: I don't technically remember my first birthday but there is a video of me and I had a party at my house with another little baby who I was friends with at the time. I had a tweety bird cake and a big mean kid blew out my candles.
  • 2nd: I don't think I did anything for my 2nd birthday but maybe I did, I don't think it's significant as the 1st though so who cares
  • 3rd - 5th: See above
  • 6th: I went to Ferrymead and I invited all my cool new friends from my new school and we got to push a dog in a pram and ate food inside a tram.
  • 7th:
  • 8th:
  • 9th: It was either my 9th or 10th birthday that I went bowling but maybe it could also have been my 11th idk but it was great because we had ice cream cake
  • 10th:
  • 11th: I think this was the time I went out for dinner with friends and we did the karaoke thing which was interesting
  • 12th: My parents were like Oh you're 12 but we're gonna get you a magician so I had a party at home and they hired a magician
  • 13th: I went to the movies to see Troy with friends because it was the only movie that looked decent and it wasn't, it actually sucked. So did my friends at the time
  • 14th: I went ice skating it was pretty fun
  • 15th: I don't remember but I'm pretty sure I did something
  • 16th: My friends threw me a surprise birthday party and I hate surprises so that kind of sucked but it was nice of them to do anyway
  • 17th: I was in hospital and everyone hated me at this time so I didn't do anything
  • 18th: I went to town and it wasn't that exciting but it was ok
  • 19th: I did nothing and it sucked and I don't want to get older anymore
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