Jongin goes on a quest to answer the big question everyone's had on their minds since humankind first made contact with other intelligent life.

Kyungsoo wanted nothing more than to make his omega happy. But their picture-perfect life was missing a tiny but big piece for everything to be perfect.

Kyungsoo doesn't know what he wants, but Jongin smells an awful lot like home.

Kyungsoo has had a long time crush on his roommate, Jongin. But what happens when he walks in on Jongin in tight red briefs, or when he also discovers that he's a camboy?

Jongin delivers Chinese food to a nice neighbourhood and gets the tip of his life.

It’s kind of insane, but Jongin has the biggest crush on Sehun’s dad.

Jongin just keeps wanting Kyungsoo at every opportunity. (Sequel to Touch)

In which Kyungsoo is an alpha, no one knows what Jongin is and Chanyeol is, putting it bluntly, a dick. And Kyungsoo loves Jongin.

Kim Jongin has a seriously top-of-the-line booty and everybody knows it.

In which star varsity quarterback Kyungsoo scores the winning touchdown of the homecoming game, and his cheerleader boyfriend Jongin can't wait until they get home to congratulate him. (Sequel to: Icing On The Cake)

Amidst the engagement born from stock prices and long ante-nuptials signed, Jongin unknowingly finds himself falling for one of South Korea's most powerful and youngest executives, while Kyungsoo enjoys the mornings straightening Jongin's lapels and tie in the office elevator. Aka that CEO/arranged marriage au where Jongin spent four hours googling his future fiance with his sister.

Kyungsoo wants to repaint their apartment walls and Jongin wants his daddy to paint his walls.

Jongin comes back to Kyungsoo like Autumn turns the leaves colourful, like Winter blows in with chilly gusts of wind and snow. Inevitably.

Kyungsoo is an alpha prince, and his father wants him to marry an omega princess from another kingdom and for them to both rule after his reign is done. But there are a few problems. First, he doesn't even want to be king, he just wants to live comfortably with his mate. And second, he has already imprinted-- on his ballroom dance teacher Jongin, who is an omega.

Kyungsoo comes back from a long trip overseas, coming home to his baby.

Kyungsoo needs to stop being so easily swayed by attractive people and cute dogs.

In which Jongin wants to where lingerie, and Kyungsoo is in for a birthday treat.

As a muggleborn wizard, Jongin still has a tendency to mess things up at Hogwarts. It's a good thing he has Kyungsoo to look after him, his best friend and not-so-secret crush.

It started with an accidental glance in the shower and became a romance. Or, in which Kai has a size kink and is incredibly at ease with his sexuality, and Kyungsoo is shy about his size.

Kyungsoo's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and he seeks refuge for an hour in a rundown strip club, where he meets a mess of a male stripper named Kai.

Jongin wants to have a baby - like, a real one.

With nothing else to do on his day off, Jongin decides to visit his husband at his work, with a little surprise with him.

At Minseok’s Halloween party, Jongin sees his ex boyfriend.

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