His boner is accidental, but he doesn't really regret it.

Jongin is a ballet student and Kyungsoo, an infamous mafia boss (no one has seen him ever, except his gang members). Jongin first meets Kyungsoo when he accidentally witnesses Kyungsoo murdering a person.

Captain Do Kyungsoo visited his favorite brothel after months away at sea to find Jongin displeased that he had him waiting so long.

Jongin comes back to his grandmothers' village to escape the city where his possibly homophobic parents are. A man with thi...

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Jongin goes on a quest to answer the big question everyone's had on their minds since humankind first made contact with other intelligent life.

Kyungsoo wanted nothing more than to make his omega happy. But their picture-perfect life was missing a tiny but big piece for everything to be perfect.

Kyungsoo doesn't know what he wants, but Jongin smells an awful lot like home.

Kyungsoo has had a long time crush on his roommate, Jongin. But what happens when he walks in on Jongin in tight red briefs, or when he also discovers that he's a c...

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