His boner is accidental, but he doesn't really regret it.

Jongin is a ballet student and Kyungsoo, an infamous mafia boss (no one has seen him ever, except his gang members). Jongin first meets Kyungsoo when he accidentally witnesses Kyungsoo murdering a person.

Captain Do Kyungsoo visited his favorite brothel after months away at sea to find Jongin displeased that he had him waiting so long.

Jongin comes back to his grandmothers' village to escape the city where his possibly homophobic parents are. A man with thick arms and lips came in to make it a bit easier to breathe.

When Kyungsoo thought he had a firm grip of his heart, an omega struts back to his life to prove him wrong.

Through sleep we find peace, and through peace we find happiness. Jongin finds his happiness, but it's all around when he's awake.

Jongin knows that Kyungsoo loves how he falls apart only for him, how his entire body shakes in anticipation.

Their venue is hot, but Jongin is hotter.

"You alone?" "In more ways than you think" (Or Jongin is lonely on a Friday night and Kyungsoo is the handsome stranger that makes him feel loved for the first time in a while.)

Jongin goes on a quest to answer the big question everyone's had on their minds since humankind first made contact with other intelligent life.

Jongin is finally alone in the apartment.

Jongin is a prostitute who hates his job and is only in it for the money. Kyungsoo is his favourite customer because he treats him like an actual human being.

It's Yixing's turn to dress Jongin up for Kyungsoo.

After hearing such high reviews from his colleague, Kris Wu, Jongin decides to browse a website of a local escort agency. That's where he finds Do Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo wanted nothing more than to make his omega happy. But their picture-perfect life was missing a tiny but big piece for everything to be perfect.

Jongin decides to jump in the deep end; sans experience.

“To be frank, I thought he was out of his mind when he started approaching me. I was suspicious, it could have been some dumb prank but he looked all serious and adorable when he asked me out.”

What’s a nice gift to make daddy forgive you?

Jongin just wanted attention from his daddy.

Chairman Kyungsoo and professional fuck toy Jongin - Pent-up Jongin and mildly sadistic Kyungsoo - Corporate Kyungsoo playing domination games

Jongin decides to attack Kyungsoo with kiss attempts during a livestream. Kyungsoo gets even.

"You're too cute for your own good, Nini."

Kyungsoo has some ideas Jongin's not so sure about.

After so many years together you'd think Kyungsoo would be used to the sight of Jongin coming home from work in his skimpy gym gear. But no, apparently he is a weak man who is still driven to total distraction by the sight of those legs in a pair of yoga pants.

Professor Kyungsoo enjoys spending his spare time with his cute ballerino.

Jongin always knew his crush on Do Kyungsoo would get him in trouble.

Jongin is Kyungsoo's favorite distraction.

Jongin is in heat and he needs a little help.


Just some fluffy mpreg kaisoo to restore a broken heart

No one has to know, he leaves unsaid.

Kyungsoo's been out of town and Jongin misses him

Kyungsoo doesn't know what he wants, but Jongin smells an awful lot like home.

When trying to join a frat Jongin didn’t think it would involve him trying to hook up with an old high school classmate. Let alone doing it while being dressed up, posing as a woman.

Kyungsoo builds walls. Jongin is the wallflower that blooms--- roots and vines twisting into cracks, tearing down foundations with smiles and constant company.

Jongin and Sehun go to a club to pick up girls and end up getting picked up by guys, instead.

Young military officer, Jongin; makes a small set of blunders on the dangerous planet of Na'am and is captured to gifted to an alien prince as his bride. He worries about returning to his campsite with the rest of the humans stationed on the rural and dangerous planet it doesn't ever occur to him that the mating rituals on the planet might differ from that on New Earth's.

Trapped, romanced, and essentially a prisoner to an odd alien prince Jongin can only play the game of attraction to fend off the desirable prince hoping he will be spared the acts of martial duties and not eaten by the cannibalistic species. (He's not very good at fending off.)

When their old roommates graduated, university couple Jongin and Kyungsoo decide to move in together. But life under one roof isn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

Jongin's endearing husband, Kyungsoo, knits him the cutest sweaters, but Jongin doesn't have the heart to tell them that they're too cheesy to wear out in public.

Kyungsoo strokes Jongin’s throat with the back of his hand, so much affection in his gaze and his voice, “You want to be mine?” Jongin swallows and nods, his eyes flicking up to the crude words. “You want to be my needy little kitten?” Another nod. “Is it weird?” “No, Jongin,” Kyungsoo can’t help his smile, “I want that, too.”

D.O tops Kai but not pwp, romantic

Kyungsoo loves turning Jongin into a mess and also loves the way his golden skin looks against his own.

It's full moon. KyungSoo comes back home to find his Omega mate, JongIn, in heat. When they become intimate, KyungSoo forgets to use protection and JongIn fails to remember if he has taken his birth-control pills or not. Few months later JongIn finds out he is carrying KyungSoo's first pup/pups and is afraid to tell his Alpha mate, but when he does he wouldn't have imagined KyungSoo's reaction would be like that.

Kyungsoo wants to see Jongin in lingerie.

Through sleep we find peace, and through peace we find happiness. Jongin finds his happiness, but it's all around when he's awake.

Jongin likes blowing things up, but what he loves more is Kyungsoo's dick, and riding it in front of a hostage.

Kyungsoo has had a long time crush on his roommate, Jongin. But what happens when he walks in on Jongin in tight red briefs, or when he also discovers that he's a camboy?

It's all because of that skirt. that. damn. skirt.

Jongin and Kyungsoo had been dating for a few months on the internet but there had never been any disclosure about Jongin’s gender. It was safe for Jongin to assume there is no problem if he comes off as a girl to Kyungsoo as he thought their relationship will only be through the internet. But what happens when Kyungsoo finally wants to meet up?

Jongin delivers Chinese food to a nice neighbourhood and gets the tip of his life.

Jongin and Kyungsoo have dorm rooms right next to each other. Jongin's roommate is letting their boyfriend stay over and they're being... noisy, so he goes next door and asks to sleep on Kyungsoo's floor for the night.

Kyungsoo has seen endless distasteful looks from people passing by when he comes into Jongin’s shop but never from Jongin himself, who only ever smiles at him warmly.

Jongin goes to a club and gets more than what she bargained for.

Kyungsoo comes back home from work.

It had been a simple question; What do you want to do for Valentine’s Day? This isn't what he expected, but he's not complaining.

Kyungsoo forgets about the nail marks Jongin left on his back and walks into the kitchen topless.

Kyungsoo wasn’t even sure what he was doing as he stood in line outside the club. He seldom went clubbing alone – it sounded like something only lonely and desperate people would do. All he knew was that he was horny, he was bored, and that he was going to find a girl to solve his problems tonight.

Kai, an immortal vampire, runs into (literally) Kyungsoo, a young human male. An immediate connection between the two leads to unusual sexcapades.

It’s kind of insane, but Jongin has the biggest crush on Sehun’s dad.

Jongin just keeps wanting Kyungsoo at every opportunity. (Sequel to Touch)

Kyungsoo is an alpha with a thing for Jongin. Jongin is an omega who turns every alpha down.

In which Kyungsoo is an alpha, no one knows what Jongin is and Chanyeol is, putting it bluntly, a dick. And Kyungsoo loves Jongin.

Well, it looks like eavesdropping on people's conversations can have a good outcome after all.

Jongin is sleepy, and Kyungsoo is horny.

Jongin wrestles with deciding whether to let his hybrid friend knot him in his time of need.

On nights like this, Jongin just wants to be used. His members are happy to oblige him.

There is nothing better, Jongin notes, than being taken against the big mirrors in the dance room. What makes it better, is that his ex-boyfriend (who is the co-owner of the dance studio) can hear him scream another alpha's name.

Jongin delivers Chinese food to a nice neighbourhood and gets the tip of his life.

It's full moon. KyungSoo comes back home to find his Omega mate, JongIn, in heat. When they become intimate, KyungSoo forgets to use protection and JongIn fails to remember if he has taken his birth-control pills or not.

Kyungsoo likes to get dominant after a shit day at work and Jongin is all too happy to submit.

Kim Jongin has a seriously top-of-the-line booty and everybody knows it.

In which star varsity quarterback Kyungsoo scores the winning touchdown of the homecoming game, and his cheerleader boyfriend Jongin can't wait until they get home to congratulate him. (Sequel to: Icing On The Cake)

The small office space gets a little heated when the new intern accidentally walks in on his boss with his pants pooled near his ankles.

  • Skin

Jongin's sister is in trouble. He needs to hire someone who can kill. His best friend seems to know the perfect guy.

Jongin knew they’d used protection; vividly remembers Kyungsoo putting it on (or rather, he remembers putting it on Kyungsoo, but that's beside the point). He was a gazillion percent sure that there was no possible chance of conception—because they’d used contraception… It just wasn’t possible.

Kyungsoo gets a call from a drunk Jongin and quickly drives to pick him up and bring him home, not knowing the older's true intentions for wanting him there.

At least Kyungsoo has Jongin to come home to at the end of the day.

Every wolf is destined to meet their mate at some point in their life. Jongin didn't expect his to be his new boss.

Kai spins around a pole and flaunts his body like he doesn't have a care in the world. That is, until he meets Kyungsoo

Kaisoo abo au with Omega Jongin and Alpha Kyungsoo.

Goody-two shoes Jongin has to make up his F in his music theory class.

Amidst the engagement born from stock prices and long ante-nuptials signed, Jongin unknowingly finds himself falling for one of South Korea's most powerful and youngest executives, while Kyungsoo enjoys the mornings straightening Jongin's lapels and tie in the office elevator. Aka that CEO/arranged marriage au where Jongin spent four hours googling his future fiance with his sister.

Jongin thinks he has a breeding kink, but boy oh boy is he wrong.

Jongin wakes up to his mate rutting.

Kyungsoo crumbles under the weight of Jongin's begging.

It should have been the other way round, but incubus Jongin falls in lust with human Kyungsoo's dick.

Kyungsoo wants to repaint their apartment walls and Jongin wants his daddy to paint his walls.

Jongin comes back to Kyungsoo like Autumn turns the leaves colourful, like Winter blows in with chilly gusts of wind and snow. Inevitably.

Jongin misses Kyungsoo too much and Chanyeol is just frustrated.

Kyungsoo wants to show who Jongin really belongs to.

Kyungsoo is not the type to have a crush. Really. There is nothing he hates more than people, especially people other people like, like Kim Jongin. Upperclassman Kim Jongin is everything every girl and every even slightly gay boy ever wanted, with his perfect lips and long legs and flawless jawline. He’s just as edgy as he is a gentleman, just as cunning as he is charismatic. The perfect bad boy.

Jongin meets Kyungsoo at a party after getting cross-faded. SMUT

Jongin and Kyungsoo have their own ways of dealing with stressful tours.

Jongin spends his free time volunteering at an animal shelter because he's not allowed pets of his own. The cats are adorable, the dogs even more so, but the resident veterinarian is probably the cutest of them all.

Amidst the scent of freshly baked pastries, omega Jongin tries to live with the pressures of his impending coming of age and his secret affection for his favorite customer, an alpha named Kyungsoo-- a sweet-smelling alpha named Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo is an alpha prince, and his father wants him to marry an omega princess from another kingdom and for them to both rule after his reign is done. But there are a few problems. First, he doesn't even want to be king, he just wants to live comfortably with his mate. And second, he has already imprinted-- on his ballroom dance teacher Jongin, who is an omega.

When Kyungsoo thought he had a firm grip of his heart, an omega struts back to his life to prove him wrong.

Kyungsoo, CEO-to-be, hopes to find paradise in the utter destruction of the son of his father’s rival in the business world.

Jongin loves smelling dark chocolate but smells of apples and cinnamon

This was suppose to be up yesterday but I didn't have no service so. I don't know if this matters but Jongin is wearing a crop sweater and high waisted shorts.

All kyungsoo wanted to do was paint jongin with the prettiest colors.

There was something unsettling about the other apartment. But Kyungsoo was there.

Space Pirate Captain Kyungsoo sabotages slave ships for kicks. And for money. (Mostly for money.) But he's not a total monster; he helps transport the captives on board to better destinations, for a small fee. This new refugee though, might not be worth the insane amount of money he's promising.

Who knew Kyungsoo, the most notorious supervillain in Seoul, is a part-time sugar daddy.

Midnight missions get a lot more interesting for Kai when he's tasked with navigating a new operative in the agency. Known to each other only by the voices flowing through their earpieces, how close can two people really get in this espionage world that demands secrecy above all else?

Kaisoo fic with a totally dominating kyungsoo with manhandling.

Kim Jongin is South Korea's newest sweetheart, receives a threatening letter. He's going on tour very soon, so his manager decided to hire a team, with the sole intent to keep Jongin safe from his extremely ravenous fanbase. But he really doesn’t like the thought of another hybrids following his every step. And why are they so hot?

Jongin spends a few extra minutes at Kyungsoo's office.

Beaten and bruised, Jongin takes Kyungsoo home and they argue and Kyungsoo is a bad person and Jongin knows it, but he finds himself unable to let go of this boy.

Kyungsoo comes back from a long trip overseas, coming home to his baby.

When incubus Kyungsoo is summoned by some humans playing with a Ouija board, he forms an unusual obsession with Jongin, the son of religious parents who is having depressing dreams.

Jongin and Kyungsoo are happily married, with three beautiful kids: Sehun, Minseok, and Tao. This weekend is their fifteen-year anniversary, and they've negotiated with Wufan and Yixing to take their kids for two days and one night. When the kids are away...

People have needs. For Jongin it’s his personal teddy bear who’s a reckless, pierced, inked guy named Kyungsoo.

He is broke, his best friend is an idiot and college isn't the only pain in his ass. He doesn't know what a Macbeth is and he certainly doesn't like berets. The things people do for extra credits.

Kyungsoo never thought he was cool, but there was no one with him to argue over it.

In the dead of the night, passion burns the brightest...


Jongin woke up to Kyungsoo fondling him and turns horny.

Mornings are great, but they're even better when they're the morning after.

This really has nothing to do with coupons and everything to do with Kyungsoo wanting to watch his boyfriend work out a certain kink.

"Did he just fucking put me up as a prize for some race with a stranger?” “It does sound bad when you put it like that.”

Kyungsoo wants to watch The Conjuring and Jongin is playing Pokemon Go. Hanky Panky ensues.

Jongin’s new piercing is finally healed and Kyungsoo can’t wait to play with it.

This was suppose to be up yesterday but I didn't have no service so. I don't know if this matters but Jongin is wearing a crop sweater and high waisted shorts.

Sehun dares Jongin to flirt with and have sex with an older man for $1000. Too bad he didn’t do his research first and a bet’s a bet right?

Kyungsoo and Jongin attend the same ballet class. Amidst all the pirouettes and rond de jambs, Kyungsoo realizes that Jongin has a thing or two he could improve when it comes to his pliés, and the problem may or may not be able to be fixed with the help of a tutu.

"Have I mentioned I don't like you?" "At least three times a day, sweetheart."

Now that Sehun has found a boyfriend on Tinder, Jongin changes his one-night-stand only stance on Tinder dates. Do Kyungsoo, an office worker, seems promising.

Jongin keeps his jealousy in check while watching 100 Days My Prince. Well... mostly.

Kim Jongin wants Do Kyungsoo to wreck him.

Their story is over, Kyungsoo should move on. But.

Beaten and bruised, Jongin takes Kyungsoo home and they argue and Kyungsoo is a bad person and Jongin knows it, but he finds himself unable to let go of this boy.

Kyungsoo just wanted an android to help him around the house. The place he’d inherited from his trust was kind of big for one person, and the fur-free, house trained company is also a plus. That’s all that he wanted! A well behaved, neat cleaning companion.Unfortunately, his order got mixed up. Instead of receiving the B43K-Hyun Maid Model, he ended up with the brand new, state of the art J0N-G1N Sexbot.

Kyungsoo needs to stop being so easily swayed by attractive people and cute dogs.

In which Jongin wants to where lingerie, and Kyungsoo is in for a birthday treat.

As a muggleborn wizard, Jongin still has a tendency to mess things up at Hogwarts. It's a good thing he has Kyungsoo to look after him, his best friend and not-so-secret crush.

Kyungsoo agreed to hook-up with his pornstar best friend. It's an interesting experience.

The second Jongin realizes what he has done, he panics. Nothing about this is redeemable. He’s not even—he doesn’t think about men like that, and definitely not enough to have accidentally sent a picture of his ass to his straight sunbae. / Jongin is repressed, but his libido isn't.

Do Kyungsoo is finally back home after 4 years of Army service in the war, and Jongin can't help but cry with joy, and finally their son, who was in Jongin's womb when Kyungsoo had to go on war, meet his father. (Like you can put some flashbacks of Kyungsoo leaving Jongin, after making love to him, for the war.

Kaisoo abo au with omega Jongin and alpha Kyungsoo

Omega Jongin has a special gift for Kyungsoo,his Alpha. Jongin in sexy lingerie, all ready to be taken.

Jongin absolutely loves and adores his husband Kyungsoo's big and fat c*ck and if he could he'd worship it all day and night. Size queen Jongin, Jongin riding Kyungsoo like a pro.

Sometimes he forgets that Jaesung isn’t his son, too, and it hurts when Jaesung slips and calls him appa first thing in the morning, sleepy and clingy. He sees how it hurts Kyungsoo as well, how he turns away when Jaesung reaches for Jongin first.

It started with an accidental glance in the shower and became a romance. Or, in which Kai has a size kink and is incredibly at ease with his sexuality, and Kyungsoo is shy about his size.

Don’t wanna give you all my pieces. Don’t wanna hand you all my trouble. Don’t wanna give you all my demons. But tonight, I need you to stay.

Jongin meets Kyungsoo years later and finds that Kyungsoo is still the perfect cure for all his worries.

“Say hi to the audience, baby,” Kyungsoo says, angling his fancy film major camera down at Jongin’s face, where he kneels on the soft carpet of Kyungsoo’s bedroom.

"You know me, I'm always a sucker for movies and takeout." "And you know me, I'm always a sucker for you."

Even on a work vacation in Hawaii, sharing a room in a fancy hotel, Kyungsoo should make smart decisions.

Maybe the past should stay in the past.

Jongin loses a game of Trump and as a result, has to wear crop tops for a week. Little does Jongin know, Jongin in crop tops is a kink of Kyungsoo's.

It’s omegas’ night out, and jongin gets knotted on the dancefloor.

“Are you touching yourself?” Kyungsoo asks suddenly.

Jongin jerks and drops his phone. It falls to the bed and Jongin scrambles to pick it up. “What? No! No?” He can feel his face flooding with heat and then Kyungsoo is laughing, low and delighted.

“You are, I can tell just from the sound of your breathing.”

“Alright,” Jongin admits. “I am. Well, I was.”

Cracky smut.

Kim Jongin is a simple boy, but at his workplace, he’s anything but.

Alpha Leader Kyungsoo finds a beaten omega outside his penthouse.

Kyungsoo is full of surprises, and that's what Jongin likes about him most. That and his hands.

In which Jongin flirts with guys for free drinks at the bar, and Kyungsoo doesn't usually do this.

Kyungsoo's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and he seeks refuge for an hour in a rundown strip club, where he meets a mess of a male stripper named Kai.

Jongin wants to have a baby - like, a real one.

Jongin gets wasted at the dance major retreat and accidentally tells Baekhyun his kink. There are two problems with that: One, Baekhyun can't hold water. Two, Jongin hasn't told Kyungsoo, his roommate and boyfriend, yet.

Jongin is normally a good boy. His new professor seems to turn him into a bad one.

“Do you love it, Jonginnie? All you have to be is my pretty plaything. Not the media’s chaebol playboy heir, not your parents diligent son, not the company’s pretty face. All you have to be is mine.’’

“Yours!” Jongin moans, Kyungsoo’s words taking him higher than physical touch ever could.

Jongin gets the offer of a lifetime, and after some careful deliberation, he accepts.

Kyungsoo can't wait to get off work to go back home for his present.

With nothing else to do on his day off, Jongin decides to visit his husband at his work, with a little surprise with him.

At Minseok’s Halloween party, Jongin sees his ex boyfriend.

Even on a work vacation in Hawaii, sharing a room in a fancy hotel, Kyungsoo should make smart decisions.

Kyungsoo misses Jongin and the way he fixes that is by fucking the omega into the couch. Chanyeol just wishes he said he was there earlier (not really though).

Jongin thinks Kyungsoo’s moles are cute and Kyungsoo thinks Jongin is cute.

Jongin wants the gorgeous man at the bar, and maybe, the gorgeous man also wants him.

Kyungsoo hasn’t talked to Jongin in forever (two days) so Jongin pulls out all the stops to be forgiven.

Kyungsoo and Jongin hate each other. Although Jongin can't remember the reason why. All he can think about lately is Kyungsoo's dick and how much he wants the alpha's knot again.

Jongin may have made a drunken demand and foolishly, he hoped Kyungsoo would forget it. The thing is, Kyungsoo's memory is really good and he never really forgets anything.

The Three times Kyungsoo gets off on making Jongin cry and one time he doesn't.

  • How I'm Imagining You


Even on a work vacation in Hawaii, sharing a room in a fancy hotel, Kyungsoo should make smart decisions.

Jongin has his own rules. He wouldn't go after his parents' colleagues, his sister's friends, and espescially since he's a teacher— his student's parents are borderline off limits. He's holding onto that firmly. Or at least, he was.

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