negative 'about me' ⇢

  • i can get rather defensive especially when it comes to someone insulting an idol/group that I really like (ie WOOHYUN/INFINITE)
  • mildly petty, salty, confrontational, and Negative™
  • i have relatively low tolerance for stuff ive been on twitter too long
  • i don't rly follow back unless ur a non-dramatic inspirit who'S NICE

⇢⇢I'm not one to mince my words but I don't want to make someone feel uncomfortable!! please let me know if something I said offended you/was problematic and i'll learn from my mistakes :)

>>>>>>>>>> DO NOT FOLLOW IF ... PLEASE READ<<<<<<<<< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

nov 23 2016 ∞
aug 10 2017 +