do not follow if and/or do not expect to be mutuals if ⇢

you don't like (or remotely respect) infinite because they're basically all i talk about so that's just annoying for you

you drag infinite or any of its members even if you're an inspirit yourself and wanted to take a piss on one of the members (or say things like "oh sungjong's so girly!!11" jfc)

you pit members of the same group against each other just to elevate your own bias

you tweet sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/fat-phobic things, even if you're just trying to be "edgy" i have so little tolerance for people like this

you say "flopped" "who?" "nugu" in response to someone's tweet grow up congrats you got 3 likes on that tweet do you feel accomplished at life?

you try to involve yourself in fanwars (exols and armys are both bad exols learned shut up for a while and armys took their place as the most annoying fandom but now exols are just one-upping armys tbh) and the whole gg vs bg thing its not that deep

you have nothing to talk about other than your kpop OTP

you stan a group that i dont really fuck with (if ur interested DM me or smtn im not leaving myself open to being attacked by their stans)

⇢ if you do any of these things more than once (and we're already mutuals) then i'm probably going to soft block you for my own comfort ;;

⇢ i don't follow back mainly RT twitters, sorry+! or exols or armys unless they also hardcore stan infinite like I love bts I just can't get into the fandom and I really only like 1 exo member so

nov 23 2016 ∞
jul 9 2017 +