a list of comparisons?? ?? because i have a guilty conscience and for some reason can't stan another group unless i can liken them to infinite.

i mean chances are im just attaching my affection to them because they're similar and infinite is in h**tus right now.

also bias list rankings bc im indecisive (apparently im an ass to MJ)

  • (180812) eunwoo > jinjin > moonbin > sanha > rocky > mj
  • (170619) eunwoo > sanha > jinjin > moonbin > rocky > mj
  • (170618) eunwoo > moonbin > jinjin > sanha > rocky > mj
  • (170710) eunwoo > moonbin > rocky > sanha > jinjin > mj
  • (170701) eunwoo > moonbin > rocky > jinjin > sanha > mj

members and personalities

  • myungjun/dongwoo - the happy virus of the group! is usually the one laughing and having the most fun.
  • eunwoo/myungsoo (!!!) - the beautiful/bashful/shy visual who wants to be known for his vocal talent as well, but is really only pushed to be a visual and to be an actor. loves his members more than anything and is super clingy. let him laugh!! let him be weird. although he is the "visual" of the group, he has a higher than average vocal skill! isn't the most talkative but is so loving and doting and so physically affectionate. are both apparently huge weebs too.
  • jinwoo/sunggyu - the tired leader who's really just being dragged around by his kids but still plays well with them. honestly he just gets teased for having small eyes. looks super cute but can be rude when necessary i guess?
  • rocky/hoya - shyish/don't really get much of an impression from, but both good dancers with an amazing amount of talent. shy and sweet? not the most talkative or out going or most likely to laugh, but has a quiet appeal. but seriously, both are amazing dancers with lots of natural skilled honed with years of practice, and have a thing for usher.
  • sanha/sungjong - maknae on top i guess? both doted on and are teased and are lowkey bullied but in a loving way (which might be just a maknae thing)
  • myungjun/sungyeol - will literally go All Out on variety and tries to be funny, sort of fails, and just makes it funnier. throws himself at body gags


  • literally second lead syndrome
  • obsessive but cute (i dont find obsessive things relatable or safe but none of it is said in a creepy intent but still)


  • can sing LIVE and i will fight on this
  • each vocal is perfectly capable of singing and carrying a tune tbh
  • amazing main/lead dancers? like actually jaw dropping dance skills?
  • fast as fuCK choreography and they're all so synced and the choreo is so sharp and wow

interactions with each other/parallels/references:

jul 12 2017 ∞
aug 12 2017 +