~LEGENDS ONLY~ aka fics i'd recommend to (essentially) anyone regardless of interest in/knowledge of the source material. almost all of these are fics i've read & loved for years and have continued to impress and engage me, even though i've moved on from the fandoms or in some cases, never even been in them at all. alphabetical by title.

Another Place to Fall

  • fandom hetalia
  • pairing japan/greece
  • genre: porn w/ some plot
  • summary: Japan goes to Greece's house to ask a question regarding a new turn of events. What results is Japan taking Greece's advice on 'finishing what he set out to do.'
  • warnings: this is not fluff. also it's written as the actual personified countries, so make of that what you will.
  • notes: baby's very first pwp... and it has stoo..._11.5k, nc-17._
mar 6 2016 ∞
aug 26 2017 +

being hip and cool is not so much as a state of being as a state of accumulated interests acquired mainly as a signal to others that you, too, are cool and hip. none of these interests are more vital than music, and more importantly, knowing the RIGHT type of music. but indie is a daunting genre, so how do you know where to start? well, my children, don't you fret. i have all the answers for your unique indie starter pack needs! at the end of this simple quiz, you'll be left with ten certifiably hip bands tailored to your psychological profile. feel free to thank me later.

what existential fear haunts you most at 3 am?

  • A. the nonexistence of a benevolent god - brand new
  • B. the inevitability of your own mortality - lcd soundsystem
aug 24 2017 ∞
aug 24 2017 +

hey rian, what anime should i watch? (or what manga should you read bc im too lazy to separate them)

--> if you're looking for an anime to give you some sort of social commentary, for some reason: psycho pass

  • i want it to be a commentary on INTERNET culture - eden of the east
  • no, not just reddit. you have to AT LEAST address 4chan. - durarara!!
  • how am i supposed to enjoy anything of this nature without an appropriately attractive brooding protagonist? - darker than black
  • all of this honestly just needs more lesbians - puella magi madoka magica

--> if you love giant robots and thrive on melodramatic bullshit discourse: ♡code geass♡

  • less ridiculous and with a more anatomica...
jan 16 2016 ∞
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