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  • Beach Boys playing at The Landing
    • Dancing to Help Me Rhonda with Chibs
    • Singing Barbara Ann at tourists
  • BHC and how innapropriate yet amazing a workplace it is, and everything and (almost) everyone that comes with it
    • pieing Marty
    • getting copious amounts of airbrush tattoos
    • eating tons of softserve and frappes
    • hating Indians and Asians
    • riding the Cod like oncce a week
    • coming to work on my days off...
    • horrible tan lines
    • accidentally developing a Boston accent
  • Burrito Mondays with the Burrito Crew
  • Watching Weeds and accidentally falling in love with Nurse Jackie
  • Seeing people from UC!
  • Beach days engineered by my more motivated friends
  • Being wicked tan
  • Being in Danvers at its prime time of year
  • Living in MA for more than a few weeks at a time
  • Seeing friends, family, and general heroes

Thanks, 2009. Ya did good kid.

aug 22 2009 ∞
aug 22 2009 +