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♡ Edyta. I'm a devoted bookworm and a kinder chocolate lover. I have a thing for handwritten letters and I'm the happiest on rainy days. What does make a perfect day? A big mug of tea. ♡

I enjoy writing letters, blogging, decorating stationery, sipping on a mug of hot cocoa, listening to Enrique Bunbury & Celtic music, reading about love, getting up early in the morning, taking pictures.

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Jenn Snail Mail (→ waiting to be written)
Snail Mail (→ incoming & outgoing 2018)
Rustic Farm (· Name for future chickens)
Rustic Farm (· Hay deliveries)
xlizellek Penpals (Letters 2018)
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  • ❤ books → I'm addicted. I need to have my own books. I hate the fact that I have to give them back to the library within a certain amount of weeks. I enjoy getting back to old books, reading them again, discovering something new.
  • ❤ funny/fuzzy socks → they make my world happier. There's nothing better than waking up and wearing them, dancing on the floor while preparing the morning coffee and looking at my feet covered by lovely patterns.
  • ❤ pens → indeed. I love trying out new pens. I used to have a pen which was my favourite. I can't find it anymore, now. So I'm on my way to find a perfect pen for myself. The one right after my Parker pen. I enjoy using colourful fine pens, markers, fountain pens and ball pens.
  • ❤ pictures of my friends → I think that no explanation is needed.
  • ❤ beautiful memories.
  • ❤ mugs → The fact of which mug will be used by me in the morning totally depends on my mood. I enjoy drinking my tea or coffe in funny/beautigul/floral/cartoonish mugs.
  • ❤ honey&milk lip balms → I generally like this smell. During cold seasons I enjoy using lip balms (not lipsticks or lip glosses).I'm not wearing much make up. I don't like it and I think that nobody needs it, frankly speaking. You wear it because you want to be beautiful, you want your man to find you beautiful but after all - he is the one supposed to see you without it in the morning, right?
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