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♡ Edyta. I'm a devoted bookworm and a kinder chocolate lover. I have a thing for handwritten letters and I'm the happiest on rainy days. What does make a perfect day? A big mug of tea. ♡

I enjoy writing letters, blogging, decorating stationery, sipping on a mug of hot cocoa, listening to Enrique Bunbury & Celtic music, reading about love, getting up early in the morning, taking pictures.

Jenn Snail Mail (→ waiting to be written)
Snail Mail (→ incoming & outgoing 2018)
Rustic Farm (· Name for future chickens)
Rustic Farm (· Hay deliveries)
xlizellek Penpals (Letters 2018)
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  • a glass of water with lemon in the morning.
  • getting up at 7am.
  • one article in Italian every day.
  • preparing my clothes for a next day in the evening.
  • one hour of walking or other activity a day.
  • going to bed before midnight.
  • if there is something I can make myself, I won't buy it.
  • eating healthy - no sweets.
  • reading my notes before going to bed.
  • weekly menu to avoid stressing and not eating properly.
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